Young Adult Cancer Retreat at Cabot Shores

More than a month later, we, the staff at Cabot Shores, are still basking in the glow of the good energy generated by the courageous and lively participants of Retreat Yourself, the annual retreat of Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC).  Being young (18-35) and living with a cancer diagnosis isn’t easy – mostly it’s a lonely experience. Connecting with other young survivors is essential and that’s what this retreat was about.

During the retreat, participants had the opportunity to share their personal cancer story;  discuss how cancer affects their emotional wellbeing and their relationships; participate in  group acupuncture and art therapy sessions, envision their future, hike to a waterfall, and do a warrior walk.  One favorite activity were the early morning paddles with Paul on the lake.

The retreat concluded with a talent show; though we, the staff, were obviously not present, we were privileged to hear from afar some of the music and especially the cheering and positive response to the talent.

We wish to thank YACC for finding us, and for working with us to organize the retreat (including all the different dietary requirements – vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and other food allergies). It was an pleasure to serve you “nutritious and delicious” meals. And it was an honour to create and maintain a container that supported the important work you did together during those four days.

For more information on YACC, please visit: Please also read their blog about this retreat at:





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