Why March Madness?

The theme of our next Feast & Getaway is “March Madness” – don’t you like the way that rolls off the tongue…March Madness.  But why March Madness?  What are we mad about?

Why March Madness?

One of the ways in which Roget’s Thesaurus defines “mad” is as “enthusiastic, avid, excited, impassioned”.  What, then, are we, at Cabot Shores, so enthusiastic, excited, avid and impassioned about at this time of the year?

Off the top of my head, you have to be mad about winter to live here…with drifts and piles of snow halfway up windows and sliding doors; chunks of of ice, recently deposited by a high tide that pushed the river upstream, so large as to render the paths impassable; with days of non-stop snowing and winds that make you feel like you’re living at sea, not next to it…yes, it takes enthusiasm, excitement and lots of passion to live here.

   And into this experience we invite you, our esteemed guest – if only through this newsletter. Perhaps if you close your  eyes for a     moment you can   imagine a gnarly vertical slab of ice lit up by the sun, or the howling winds that rattle the lodge, or snowflakes that fall like glitter in the half-sun (yes, it snows here sometimes even while the sun is out). Then again, perhaps you’re having your own winter madness experience (we’d love to hear about it!).





Or perhaps you are ready to celebrate this   madness with us on March 10 with a feast, live music, great guests, and a bit   of exploring of the winter land. We are mad about good food and about our guest chef, George Smith who delights in using locally sourced ingredients to put together a delectable spread. We are mad about live music – performed and participatory – you’ll never know what talented musicians show up (perhaps even you!), and we’re mad about the company of interesting and friendly people.

Regardless of wether or not you plan to join us in March Madness, we encourage you to discover what you are mad about and perhaps get outside and generate some enthusiasm, passion and excitement for the opportunity to feel the cold and experience the natural world in the depth of winter – you will be glad you did.

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