What’s My Foot Got To Do With It?

Imagine finding out you have a “foreign” object in your foot.

So how did it get there?

Immediately, I remembered being about 5 years old, in my mother’s sewing studio (she designed and made one of a kind clothing), walking around in my socks and catching a sewing needle between the second and third toe of my right foot. Afraid she’d be mad at me if I told her, I remember withdrawing to a corner and working to get the needle out myself.  I was never sure I got it all, but I don’t remember any symptoms pain thereafter.  Until this past March….

Upon hearing this news  all I wanted was to GET IT OUT!

Apparently, this is not so easy. One of the surgeons I consulted told me it might take him half a day to find and then remove the 1.5 cm piece of this needle in my right foot. I’m not thrilled at the thought of someone poking around inside my foot for that amount of time: Feet are complex structures with many small bones and tendons….

So off I went to consult a person who makes orthotics. “No problem” he told me – just buy these $300 sandals and I’ll make you an orthotic on the spot – it will take care of all the pain.  Well, it hasn’t.

Imagine my surprise then when, 3 weeks later, one of our guests, Manfred Paier, offered to give me a foot-washing/ foot massage treatment that he thought would be helpful not only for healing the effects of the needle, but that is also known to help a person release old pain and trauma, physical and mental.

He sent me a brief description of the treatment and after agreeing on a barter, we set off to a shady spot outdoors where I was to receive this most amazing treatment.

What I can say first off, is that I felt cared for and taken care off. I felt deeply relaxed during and after the treatment. I was able to review and release old pains, some familiar, others less so.  The process was very gentle. Manfred told me the treatment would continue to have effects down the road and to be open to noticing what these might be.

I was exhausted after the treatment and spent most of the day relaxing.  The next day, during a meditation session, I became aware of chronic pains in certain areas of my body.  Remembering that Manfred had reminded me to be open to the continuing effects of the treatment, I began investigating these pains. I asked them to tell me what they are about.  Almost immediately, I understood that the pain in my right hip is related to feelings of resentment; the pain in my right shoulder and neck is about feeling like a victim; the pain in my lower back about feelings of sadness; the pain in my gut about held grief; and the pain in my jaw about feeling overwhelmed. And the pain from the needle?  Well, it wasn’t hurting at the moment.  Investigating further, I remembered Manfred’s additional instructions to let go of what I was seeing more clearly/becoming conscious of.  Being familiar with the process of visualization, I imagined that there were steam release valves in my hip, shoulder, neck, lower back, gut and jaw, and I further imagined that the pain was releasing itself in the form of steam through these valves.

The result was an immediate pain relief followed by an immense tiredness.

I look forward to what will arise next and to working with it.

I also offer Manfred my heartfelt thanks for a process that appears to hold such rich possibilities.

Manfred will be offering a workshop at Cabot Shores on October 26-28 during which he will teach this ancient practice of “Foot Washing”. After this workshop, participants will know how to give this treatment to themselves and to others. For more information on this workshop, contact info@cabotshores.com. For more information on Manfred Baier’s work, keep reading:

The Forgotten Art of Foot Washing


By Dawn Higgins

The Forgotten Art of Foot Washing

2012 marks the end of the mental dominion & the dominance of linear thinking. It is the beginning of the kingdom of the heart where we find & follow the inner knowing that is always present.

Our work for the remainder of 2012 is to free the way for this kingdom of the heart, a kingdom of the Higher Self, by unblocking our mental, emotional & spiritual bodies from past issues which made us move out of Love. This technique is a powerful tool for accessing the unconscious blockages remaining in us.

Master Libre has baptized this alchemical method “the noble and forgotten art of washing the feet” and defines it in his books as “a magic-stick for personal transformation.”
The forgotten art of washing feet reaches far back into ancient & esoteric teachings that weave themselves through the wisdom traditions of the Far East up until modern Western & Middle Eastern traditions which make reference to it in many historical & biblical writings over the past 2000 years.

The power of this act is inherent in its simplicity & the intention brought to it; that of devotion & service to ourselves & to our fellow human beings, focused on liberation from ignorance & illusion. This is a method of release and healing and a symbol of forgiveness and brotherhood.

“There is only one real way out of suffering and ignorance – the one that is opened through our understanding of ourselves.” – Libre

Loving ourselves is the basis for all transformation & unconditional service. Loving ourselves brings us into the peace & joy of our inner world, freeing us from need of the outer world.

Our feet are a store house of memory & information. They are a mirror and a real expression of what we are and live. These held patterns are the origin of our pain and suffering and constitute the characteristics of our personality.

This loving massage of our feet moves the stored information into the Now, allowing us greater awareness of these past events & carries us naturally to an authentic experience of ourselves. It introduces soft, subtle, nurturing patterns, and uncovers our full divine potential, that begins to replace, transmute & release old destructive patterns. The door to our self-knowledge, love and acceptance is opened.

The main purpose of this “soul bath” is to touch our heart. With this sacred act we are liberated of impurities. Our energy and emotional fields that were charged with fear, pain & suffering, keeping us unconsciously paralyzed & unable to progress, are transformed.
This ancient & effective method was re-introduced in the last century by Jose Luis Libre (Master Libre) who was born is Bilbao Spain with severe physical ailments that caused chronic pain, deformation, suffering, disability & eventually, complete blindness.
This great suffering led to many years seeking relief from therapists, healers, & medicines from all over the world. Although helpful these methods gave only temporary relief.
In this state of illness, which he called, ‘physical, mental and spiritual slavery,’ Libre realized that the truth lay in the depths of oneself, that we will not be released from illness & suffering until we go to the root of the problem, the very depth of what feeds our illness & suffering & there, within us, transform it.

After years of exploring every conceivable path to healing & enlightenment, Libre identified three profound messages shared by all wisdom traditions throughout the ages…
1. Purify yourself, your mind, your unconsciousness & your ignorance, and you will be free.
2. Walk on the path of Love & Compassion, & you will be happy.
3. Nobody can cure you, only you can cure yourself.

“At last, with this understanding ‘The Forgotten Art of Foot Washing’ came into my hands: the tool that would bring me liberation from suffering and the healing of the Soul. My search was over and I began to walk the true path, the way of Love and Compassion.
From then on the real self-curing and liberation process started. The knowledge of life, existence and illness started awakening within me, transforming my ignorance into wisdom, my sadness into joy and my pain into happiness. I became conscious of the self-deception and the confusion of the human being. I found myself and I found the source of compassion inside of me. After a long and deep quest with this centuries-old art I now invite all of the seekers and travellers that want to know themselves to practice it. The liberation begins in oneself and that is why we must put this wonderful tool into practice, first of all with each of us experiencing our own truth. It is clear to me now that this tool will be needed on this planet in these times of great change, when new problems and new illnesses are appearing. It will bring us to the healing of our very essence: THE SOUL.” – Libre
Manfred Janash’Ohea Paier is a musician, performer & teacher who has spent 30 years travelling the world, studying ancient cultures & healing traditions. He received the initiation of the “Forgotten Art of Foot Washing” from Master Libre himself in 2005. He now transmits this discipline of self-liberation and alchemical transformation to hundreds of people a year through workshops & seminars in Europe, Canada & South America, applying the tool to persons of all ages… wherever and whenever his help is received openly. Manfred is a true inspiration full of


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