Wake Up Spring Party at Cabot Shores


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All winter we’ve been having parties and now it’s time
for a Spring Party or Getaway.  Isn’t it?  I mean Spring.


Ready or not, next Saturday is the “Wake Up The Earth”
Getaway (okay the Earth is awake, some of us are planting already),
but what about Spring?*


The Fun is  Saturday, May 14 starting at 6pm
(you can come earlier and make a weekend getaway  of it!),
hike or kayak (remember the weather’s going to be good)


Guitarist Harv Bate will be performing Irish Music  at 7:30pm
and our chef Carl Nemeth will cooking up a storm (ask
anyone at our March Madness Party; his cooking with
Barbara’ s vegetables on the side are awesome.

and you’re invited.

Call us for details or simply go to Wake Up The Earth (It’s a Spring Getaway).

Hope to see you next week.  Give us a call or drop us an email to let us know how
your….Spring….is going.


Cabot Shores

Reservations toll free at 866 929 2584
PS  Not to complain, we’ve already been canoeing and kayaking and Harv is bringing his fishing gear, for when he’s not playing Irish music and singing up a storm!
If it’s cold there will be a bonfire.    Come for the weekend, for
Saturday only or reserve a spot for Saturday night music and food.
Call 902 929 2584 or
visit our website for Wake Up Spring details
PPS Absolutely can’t make it? Too short notice.  Next Party is June 10th.  Mark it down.  But then
again, come Wake Up Spring this Saturday.  Love to see yah…Get in touch to let us know you’re coming
so we have enough food and drink for you.

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