As many of you already know, there are various health services offered onsite at Cabot Shores including Acupuncture, Massage, Qi Gong & Yoga but for this Valentine’s Day, Barbara Weinberg is teaming up with fellow friend and colleague, Sky RiverHawk to expand these services* to include the following:


Individual therapeutic massage (Zero Balancing and Acupressure) from Barbara
Treatments can be set up in your room or your chalet.

Valentine’s Special: $75 for 55 minutes (Save $10-Normally $85)

Five Element Acupuncture with Barbara
This is an ancient form of acupuncture that works by treating a person at the levels of body, mind, and heart or spirit. Through this treatment, the person moves back into harmony with themselves, their emotions and their life as a whole*.  Acupuncture and Acupressure work by stimulating the patient’s own Qi or life-force energy to accelerate the healing process. Treatments can be set up in your room or your chalet.
*Conditions that respond well to acupuncture include: GI and circulatory disorders, headaches, women’s health issues, allergies, muscle pain, and many others.

Valentine’s Special: $75/session from 45-60 minutes (Save $10- Normally $85)

Group Acupuncture with Barbara is particularly effective for treating anxiety, depression, insomnia, and cravings.

Valentine’s Special: $20/person  from 45-60 minutes (Save $5- Normally $25)

Full Body Massage from Sky:
Treatments can be set up in your room or your chalet.

Valentine’s Special: $75.00 for 60 Min
Valentine’s Special: $130.00 for 120 Min

Scalp and facial massages from Sky:
Treatments can be set up in your room or your chalet.

Valentine’s Special: $40.00 for 30 Min
Valentine’s Special:$65.00 (includes neck area) for 60 Min

Manicures from Sky:

Valentine’s Special: 1 hr $60.00
Includes a relaxing hand soak, nail care and shaping, and soothing hand massage
For an additional $20.00, include a nail polishing treatment. Includes a base coat, polish and top coat with beautiful Opi Polishes

Pedicures from Sky:

Valentine’s Special: 1 hr $60.00
Includes a delicious foot soak, nail care and shaping and a relaxing foot massage
For an additional $20.00 I will give a polishing treatment. Includes a base coat polish and top coat with beautiful Opi Polishes.

All appointments must be booked in advance by calling 902-929-2584 , email or by dropping by the front desk.


Sky RiverHawk Bio

Sky Riverhawk recalls always enjoying gifting massage to friends and family throughout her childhood, but never considered training as a massage therapist until she was left physically and emotionally hurt from an accident and feeling dissatisfied with mainstream treatment options. Sky commenced a journey to explore natural healing modalities including: re-balancing, Swedish Massage, Hawaiian lomi lomi, and many more.

Sky attended the Nelson School of Re-Balancing, and the Toronto School of Business’ Massage Program as well as apprenticing in Hawaii, and Gstaad Switzerland the Alexander technique and Rebirthing classes. Sky has taught classes in Tantra and Sacred Couples Massage, Infant and Pregnancy massage and Self Care courses, in NS and BC.

Sky is delighted to be a part of this special Valentine’s Day Weekend at Cabot Shores, and invites you to experience the luxurious, sensual experience of a full body or foot/head deep relaxation massage.

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