The Cabot Trail Tipi

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“Something So Magical About Circular Dwellings – Especially the Tipi”

So said a family with a 9 year old from Halifax, even though there was a rainstorm they slept through during a chilly October night. But, I digress into a story, here are the facts:

A Gathering Place

Who: You!
The tipi is perfect in any arrangement, whether you’re a couple, a family or group. The tipi comfortably sleeps up to 12 adults, with enough room for you and your backpacks.

What: A Plains Tipi

Sitting around a wooden platform floor, the base diameter of the tipi is 22 feet. A hearty canvas covers 27-foot-long spruce poles, which were cut, skinned and smoothed by the draw knives of the Cabot Shores family.

While sleeping on mats is recommended, twin and queen-size beds are available for “deluxe” comfort seekers (or for those of us with old or sore bones!)

There is a fire-pit just outside the door, facing the ocean, for cooking or bonfires. Bathrooms and showers are just around the corner at Whiff’s Lodge.

Where: Central Location

Cabot Shores’ tipi is conveniently nestled into the middle of the resort; beach access, activity equipment, washing facilities are all within a few minutes walk. Nothing is too far away, and you’ll still enjoy solitude during your enchanting tipi experience.

When: All Seasons

Our tipi is available for use from the Spring into the Fall; its construction offers resistance against the elements, as well as features that regulate temperature, keeping warmth, or a cool breeze, available when needed.

Why: A Plains Tipi

The tipi at Cabot Shores is a versatile option to have in almost any situation: it is spacious, close to amenities while at the edge of the wilderness, and it can be arranged in order to suit all arrangements of people, gear and comfort.

Come and enjoy comfort and convenience with the lake, the ocean, the hills and the forest at your door-flap-step!

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  1. says

    Thanks for checking out our website and inquiring about nightly fee for the Tipi.

    It’s $90 for a couple for just one night. Multiple nights are less per night, plus hst.

    You may enjoy our TIPI VIDEO “Setup” at

    Call 866 929 2584 for reservations. There’s an anniversary couple + dog there tonight…

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