The Yurt & Tipi At Cabot Shores: record number of inquiries


This season, record number of inquiries are coming from our websites and over the phone concerning our Yurt and Tipi.  A few folks even contacted us during winter, but for now they are closed till mid-May (you can see the winter frame of the Tipi on the right of this page)

This summer,  a bride and groom will stay in their Yurt after a wedding ceremony.  Last year, 3 generations of family from Ontario slept in the Tipi after having a surprise birthday party for a grandson…

Below is a picture story of the Yurt and Tipi and the views…

…while just below

… Jason from Newfoundland  is  talking about his two nights at a wedding at Cabot Shores, one night with his wife in a Tipi and the other in a Yurt, a kind of Mongolian tipi.

Please click the image below to start the video:
[videotrafficgenius: 160 120]

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And the tipi Jason is talking about

With Cosmo Outside It

Mi'kmaq John Henry

                       And John Henry, a Mi’kmaq Elder, in the Tipi Door


While down below is the Yurt in a Field


                                                           The Green Yurt



and the inside




All looking out over Church Pond, The Beach and the Atlantic to



Fav_Bird Islands (6)


Cabot Shores’ Yurt and Tipi on Youtube


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    Hi There,

    Is this for rent, is there a website at all in regards to renting this or a tipi?

    Kindest regards,

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