The Cape Breton Yurt is in Season at Cabot Shores for 2012

Good News:  The Yurt is up and running for 10`1

  (with an eagle checking it out)

Cape Breton Yurt at Cabot Shores

An Eagle is Yurt Watcher


Become A Yurt Lover

What’s a Yurt?

The Yurt or Ger is a kind of Mongolian-styled structure, comparable to a First Nations Tipi.  Used by nomadic peoples, it was originally made of felt and furs.  Now, after being westernized by folks from Oregon and British Columbia, it is transformed to be:

  • Complete with windows looking out on the lake, Atlantic Ocean & Bird Islands
  • 16.5 feet in diameter
  • Equipped with a skylight
  • An interior that has beds and conveniences (minus electricity and plumbing, but you’re near the Lodge)

You can get to the Yurt either by foot or by car, across the bridge from the lodge or through the orchard. Some of Cabot Shores’ most captivating guests stay in our yurt–families, rock climbers, celebrators of an anniversary or other special occasion, romantic couples, head of a big non-profit society, lawyers, professors, guests with pets, carpenters, artists, coaches and many more…!

Click on any of the thumbnails below and peruse through our Yurt photogallery:

Path to The Yurt

Bridge to the Yurt

Yurt in the Meadow

Inside the Green Yurt

View from Yurt front door

Yurt at Sunset


  1. says

    Diane, we’d love to have you stay in the Yurt. Season starts in mid May. How many people are you. For two it’s $85 + tax. Book this month and we’ll include a Breakfast Bar as well…Will send you an email to find out your requirements and dates.

  2. Jenn says

    Hello! My husband and I are doing an atlantic canada road trip this summer and would like to spend one or two nights in one of your yurts. Could you please send me more information? Thanks!

  3. says

    Hi There,

    Happy to send you more information on the Yurt. It is perfect for a couple, but let’s talk dates bc the summer is fast upon us and there are many booking the Yurt already.

  4. Jenn says

    Hi Paul,

    My husband and I are doing a road trip out east between July 11th and July 23rd. We will be in cape breton between the 19th and 23rd. Is the yurt available for anytime then? We would stay for 1 night only. Could you please email me with more information such as your facilities and the cost for a night?

    Thank you!


  5. Amanda Edwards says

    Hi there!
    I’d like more information on how to book a yurt! I am looking at the first week of August, 2011.

    Thanks so much,

  6. Stephen says


    I see it reads, “An interior that has beds and conveniences…” can you elaborate on the ‘conveniences’?


  7. says

    Hi Stphen,

    Re the Cabot Shores Yurt: Yes, there are a doulbe and a twin bed in the Yurt, plus a picnic table and firesite to the side of it.

    Hot shower and bathroom are a 1-2 min. walk away. And also a relax/game room in the lodge, plus a bar and bistro in the lodge.

    Please sign up for the newsletter on our website and receive more information on Cabot Shores and Cape Breton.

    Cheers —

    Barbara & Paul Weinberg

  8. says

    Hi Amanda,

    Have sent you specific instructions via email on booking the Yurt. Or you can go to “book your stay” on our website. You can also call us at 902-929-2584.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Barbara & Paul Weinberg
    Cabot Shores

  9. Susan says

    Hi there!

    Just wondering about the cost of the yurt for 2 adults and 1 two year old child, for the last week in June. And if even you have availability then. Thank you!!


  10. says


    Thanks for your interest. There is some disappearing availability for the Yurt late June. Please call 866 929 2584 or go to “Book Your Stay” and book online. In the meantime, you will receive via email more pictures on having “A Yurt Adventure”. Cheers, Paul & Barbara of Cabot Shores

  11. Julie Kennedy says


    We’ll be in Cape Breton the second or third week of August and would love to stay in a yurt. We’ve booked them here at home in Manitoba and love them everywhere we’ve stayed! Time to try the east coast version! Do you have more than 1? We’re two adults and two teenagers so would want 2 yurts.

  12. says

    Hi Julie,

    We’ve tried Yurts elsewhere as well, starting near Yosimite, California. That’s why we have
    one. Just one now (another was washed out to sea after a hurricane!). But we have a Tipi
    which would serve the teenagers well. In fact, go to the page on accommodations, look up the
    Tipi and you’ll see us putting it up. What’s I like about the Yurt and Tipi is the circular shelter; add
    to that the views and you’re golden. Feel free to call us at 902 929 2584 for more info on availability. August is filling up fast for the Yurt especially. You could also stay 2 nights, each group trying the Yurt one night and the Tipi the other. We’ve had families do that.

  13. Janet Harron says

    I’d like to book the yurt for October 12, if it’s available. For myself and my husband and our 13 year old daughter. We are also travelling with our dog – I’m assuming he’s welcome in the yurt?

    What’s the cost?

  14. Matthew Cooper says

    Hi, my wife and I are interested in staying in the yurt this summer for a 4 or 5 days in July. What is included in the stay (how do showers, food, etc. work?)



  15. says


    Thanks for your inquiry regarding the Yurt. I will check on availability for 4-5 days in July
    and send you an email.

    To your question: included in your stay are showers, a fire site with wood and picnic table…we can also include breakfast mornings from 7:30am-9:00am in the Lodge… in the Bistro. Meal plans for dinner and even lunch are also available for the Bistro…You’ll have a great view from the deck of the Yurt of seabirds, eagles and the occasional moose. You can do some good hikes from there through our nature sanctuary and over to the Eagle Feather Ferry and out to our beach…

  16. Laura says

    Hello, are you booked up from Jul 27th through Aug 3rd? We would like to stay for a coupole of nighta with our two children.

  17. says

    The Yurt is booked from July 31-Aug -2. but available from July 27-July 30 for you and your two children.

  18. Bill & Bonita Taylor says

    We will be in N.S from Sept 8 to 12. Any openings for your YURT during that time. Looking for a 1-2 night stay!! We are coming from Sarnia ON

  19. says

    Yes, we have some opening from 8-11th September. Will also write you an email. Thanks for your interest in the Yurt.

  20. Mark says

    I stayed in the yurt in June of this year, and had a great time. The weather was about what one can expect from the maritime provinces, but the yurt held up nicely. Thanks Paul, for the hospitality and opportunity to explore your neighborhood.

  21. says

    YOU stayed in the Green Yurt, which comes from Newfoundland and was installed in 2005. It is more wilderness, with quick access to the pond, the Atlantic and views of frequent
    moose, eagles and beavers. This spring, in May and June, we’ve also installed the Blue and Red Doored Mongolian Yurts…which are insulated and a bit more decorated, with hand painted
    rafters, doors and the toonal…all are insulated with felt and some will have a wood stove or heat source for winter Yurting…Thanks for your stay and interest in Yurts at Cabot Shores/Cape Breton

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