Cape Breton Tipi

Last Minute Lodging & Fun at Cabot Shores

June 12, 2013
Fun on the Deck

Have you ever waited to the last minute and wanted to go somewhere special
and it was already booked…?
And you were hoping against hope that it would all come together for a special occasion
a Getaway for Anniversary or Birthday, or just a Change of Scene…?
Cabot Shores gets booked months, even a year or two in advance but sometimes, just sometimes
We have Last Minute Cancelations…a night or two free here or there… Go ahead, check availability
and then call with your date with
In                   A four star  |Lodge or  Chalets
In the 4 bedroom farmhouse (one or two families or a group of friends on the [...]

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The Cabot Trail Tipi

February 14, 2010

Go To The Video Showing The Tipi Setup
Showing The Tipi Going Up
To Look Like…?
Well, a Tipi…


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“Something So Magical About Circular Dwellings – Especially the Tipi”
So said a family with a 9 year old from Halifax, even though there was a rainstorm they slept through during a chilly October night. But, I digress into a story, here are the facts:
A Gathering Place
Who: You!
The tipi is perfect in any arrangement, whether you’re a couple, a family or group. The tipi comfortably sleeps up to 12 adults, with enough room for you and your backpacks.
What: A Plains Tipi
Sitting around a wooden platform [...]

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