Breton Cove Farmhouse Video

The Breton Cove Farmhouse is 12.5 km from Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort, a sister property.  It sits both in the tiny village
of Breton Cove and Skir Dhu (meaning “Black Rock”) in Gaelic.
Some folks prefer video to a bunch of words, so here’s a short video showing you the location, outside and
inside of the Breton Cove Farmhouse.   Click here for the Story of the Breton Cove Farmhouse or Basic Facts.
Video Intro to the Breton Cove Farmhouse
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Between them is a  wonderful beach at Little River.

The Story of the Breton Cove Farmhouse

The Story is about
the land of 180 acres deeded by the king of England along the Atlantic, and the place was once

A self-sustaining farm with pastures, a  barn, chicken coop, hog house,  orchards, garden…
A sawmill
The border to lobster fishing territory where boats landed at Skir Dhu (Black Rock)

The Urquehardt   family over time

Had midwives using the main house for “birthing”
Adopted 5 kids
Was a neighborhood center across from the Gaelic Singers’ Hall and ball field

The place fell into disrepair over 20 years vacancy, its roof caved in and hunters sat upstairs poaching moose and and drinking beer.
The bedroom walls were caved […]

Breton Cove Farmhouse: A treasured hideaway on the Cabot Trail

Between Breton and Wreck Cove they say there’s buried treasure. Use your Breton Cove Hideaway as a jumping off point for your own great treasure hunt.
Sample wild blueberries in fields with eagles flying overhead. Take a path to the beach smelling fresh mint in the woods. Hike down to the beach and you’ll find myriad shells and rocks of many colors. About a km further south there’s sandy beaches and caves and a fresh pond on one side. Watch for trout at dusk. Ask for clues for treasure holes!!
Return to the Hideaway and relax in a spacious living room with […]