Sydney’s Margie MacVicar Quoted in CBC News on Breast Cancer Retreat

Margie MacVicar is a grandmother, retired entrepreneur, and member of the Cape Breastoners, a group of Breast Cancer Survivors, and a hero of ours…

It is not just her ability to adapt and survive that we admire, it is her spirit of adventure and of generosity.

You see, we set about organizing a Breast Cancer Retreat with Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia, a group based in Halifax and admirably serving all of Nova Scotia, with yearly retreats on mainland Nova Scotia.

The idea of the Cape Breton Retreat was and is to involve Cape Breton breast cancer survivors in a retreat that didn’t require them to leave Cape Breton Island and that connected them to each other and to the rejuvenating natural setting of Cape Breton Island.

So we set up a non profit society, called the Good Health Festival Society, and since last year have had concerts and festivals and feasts to raise money and raise $ we did…

Only problem was that there wasn’t yet awareness of the event on Cape Breton and women were at first reluctant to attend  last October’s  Retreat.

But come they did…a group of women from Halifax, including Board Members of BCANS, — and Margie personally invited a number of Cape Breton survivors (many on her rowing team the Cape Breastoners) and they had a successful got together, intro retreat.

The retreat included group connection and support, hikes, live music and song, healthy food, fun and healing arts…

Thanks to that experience, BCANS under the leadership of executive director Barb Thompson, has raised grant money through local health centres, and the Good Health Festival Society has had 4 more successful concerts and a mini festival to date.    And Margie just got interviewed on CBC News…

Margie explained that she’s going to the breast cancer survivors’ retreat to give other women the support that wasn’t there for her, and to let them know there is life after cancer…

The  S.E.A.R.C.H. Retreat will be happening  on the weekend of  19 October at Cabot Shores.

Know folks who could benefit from such a retreat?   There are still spots available…Call  BCANS at 902 465- 2685 or Cabot Shores at 902 929 2584.

Tell them “Margie” sent you…and check out CBC News for more on Margie MacVicar.



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