Solar Panel Array at Cabot Shores, NS

Going Green

Cabot Shores is a way for you to get off the grid to recharge your batteries. So we try to stay off it as much as possible. Cell coverage is almost non-existent, although we do have wireless.

Pop Can Solar Panel at Cabot Shores, NSWe’re making our resort green and sustainable. When you drive in, you’ll notice our new solar panel arrays that produce enough energy to fill our needs and put energy back into the power network.

On the corner of Whiff’s Lodge, a Cansolair panel is mounted. What’s a Cansolair? It’s a solar heating panel made from recycled beer and pop cans. A small fan pulls cold air out of the ground floor of the lodge and sends it through the cans in the panel and is heated by the sun. A second fan blows the hot air back into our guest rooms and into the Bistro kitchen.

Solar Panel at Cabot Shores, NSOn the other side of the Lodge is our solar hot water panel that gives us a renewable energy source. We worked with the great people of Appleseed Energy of Arichat, Cape Breton, to build and install it.

5751228758_ef445a812d_oFor a local source of unprocessed food, we have an organic garden that gives us many of the fresh greens for our Bistro. Many people, especially kids, love our Churt (Chicken Yurt) where we gather fresh eggs every morning.

Lastly, we recycle and compost. Our guests always seem eager to help reduce our carbon footprint by reusing towels and reducing waste as much as possible. For that, we thank each and every one.