Still swimmng on Cape Breton–especially the Moose

Many of our guests want nothing more than to see a Cape Breton moose.


Last week during a Road Scholar Retreat, a group saw all kinds of moose skat on the path to Indian Brook–but no moose.  Then, the next day, Mary , a guest from San Francisco, came upon one.  A cow that immediately turned around and headed for the woods nearby.

Hearing about Mary’s adventure, her husband, Nicholas, was skeptical.  “Where’s the picture?”  he said, only half jokingly.

Well, today, another couple, Robert and Christine (of Sydney, Australia) were driving the Cabot Trail and visiting Mary Ann Falls.  Just after returning to the Cabot Trail, they stopped at a pond and there it was–a moose, a big bull moose swimming.

Foliage just starting, they watched as the moose eased into the water and went for a swim.   Robert took out his telephoto lens, zoomed in and then got the moose lurching in the water and sauntering away on shore.


Robert Hynen photo

Moose Just out of Pond

All these photos are credited to Robert Hynen,  photos quite excellent–not surprising since

he works for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation…



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