Stand Up Paddling at Baddeck Yacht Club Regatta

The Bras d’Or Lakes Festival is going gangbusters around Cape Breton Island from June 25-September 18th.

and Dr. Paul was invited to demonstrate/teach Yolo Boarding (Stand Up Paddling) this week

at the Baddeck Yacht Club Regata.


Windy Day at Baddeck Yacht Club

The sailing races were just ending.  Beers and bbq were going strong inside the Yacht Club and

on the deck.  Sailors were coming upstairs to hear the Celtic Cowboys Band…and it was

announced that Dr. Paul would be demonstrating Yolo Boarding.


All week the rain and wind was strong and this afternoon was no exception.   The rain had

stopped, mercifully, but the wind was gusting and bursts of laughter would come from the deck

as sailors capsized in the last race of the day–reserved for the sailing instructors.

Many people watched the Yolo with food and beer in hand, and a few young sailors

asked for a lesson.


Tanner was the first student and he managed to stand up and paddle to the delight of his friends.


Tanner's Yolo Lesson

The Bras D’Or Lakes Festival is Island wide and there is a good website with full schedule at





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