Special Occasions

Who Else Loves To Celebrate?

Whether it’s Your Wedding, Anniversary, or Family Reunion,? Cabot Shores assures your event will be Just the Way You Want It.

(Check out an Ontario couple describing their wedding experience with us, to your right.)

Life is short. Your time is precious, especially when it comes to your Special Occasions, don’t you think? Why not really celebrate your special events? And, do so without the stress of getting it all together at your place.

Have you ever been somewhere that takes your breath away, that is so beautiful you feel there’s magic in the air? That’s true of Cape Breton Island and you’ll especially enjoy the magic and natural wonders during your stay at Cabot Shores. Look into our events page, where you can find upcoming events here at Cabot Shores, as well as, elsewhere on Cape Breton and around Nova Scotia.

Whether in your chalet or in the lodge, along the Indian Brook river or taking the Eagle Feather Ferry across the lake to the ocean beach, you will find wild, natural beauty. When you are gathered here with your friends, family and colleagues together, all of a sudden you have something truly blessed.

So if you’re a Couple:

Your dream wedding on Cape Breton

  • It’s about Weddings, Honeymoons & Anniversaries.
  • Or a Get-away–just to do something different!
Ordinary events become extraordinary experiences on Cape Breton…at Cabot Shores.

And If You’re a Family:

  • You’ll want us for Family Reunions, with your choice of music & food & fun.
  • Celebrate birthdays with us and have 55 acres of room for activities.

Fully customizable parties to make sure the guest of honor is never disappointed.

For Groups:

    • Adventure Journeys – Pedaling the Cabot Trail, taking a mission on your motorcycle, motoring around in your car or RV, any vehicles are welcome.

Young adventurers on Cape Breton

  • Class Trips – Groups of young adults come from far and wide to have incredible learning experiences at Cabot Shores.
  • Company Events – Bring your team out for a retreat, a team building exercise or a conference.

So, let us know about your Special Occasion – Click Here to book now and let us know what, when and how you’d like to celebrate, tell us what is special for you.

You can expect:

  • A full consultation with suggestions for how we can maximize your event. it can work (or not work) on Cape Breton ie a Free 1/2 Hour Consultation on making your Dream Experience happen here
  • Local guides and past guides whose experiences will help…

Call us at 1-866-929-2584 to draw up your “MAP” –magical adventure profile. Learn more about what’s going on around Cape Breton at our events page, or click here to book a reservation today.