Slowing down with Yoga and Meditation

Sean Drohan Yoga

I’m not a yoga person.  I haven’t done yoga in any serious way since I was 16.  In truth, I feel intimidated by yoga.  I can’t do most of the poses (or is it postures?) and thus push myself beyond my limits.  I’m afraid I’ll hurt my back.  I don’t have the right language, the right outfit, the right body….

Thus my participation in Sean Drohan’s Yoga & Meditation workshop came about with some trepidation.  The meditation part I was looking forward to, and I was interested to learn how meditation might be woven in with yoga.

I have to tell you – I loved it – all of it!

Here are some of the highlights:

The pace was comfortable, really slowed down so that one could fully sink into the postures.

The mind-body connection was emphasized.  I appreciated being reminded that the physical yoga is secondary (no yoga fitness here!);  this day was largely about the mind and about joining mind and body.  In this way, meditation was seamlessly folded into the postures and each posture became a meditation.

I also appreciated how skillfully Sean presented the workshop – neither overwhelming nor tedious.  There was a path to it all, clearly laid out, that was meant to lead somewhere.  Where I found myself led to was myself – a quiet self, with the mind and body at rest.

Throughout the workshop Sean gave short talks about topics that included Shamatha (mindfulness) and Vipashyana (awareness), karma and how these principles apply to the art of Yoga and Mediation.  At different times,  Sean played original acoustic vocal and instrumental music, some even with a slight punk rock twist –  it all worked!

The workshop ended with an extended period of Shavasana (corpse pose).  In my previous experience, this pose was always about “cooling down” at the end of a yoga class.  This however, was different.  We were guided in a skillful and loving way to continually let go, and let go further, experiencing different levels of letting go, finally withdrawing our awareness from the body into our heart center.

Thank you, Sean, for an amazing experience and for helping me personally to change my mind about yoga!








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