Shambhala Meditation Retreat based on “Being Brave, Transforming our World” DVDs

We are pleased to offer a Meditation Weekend based on DVDs of talks by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and Acharya Pema Chodron from the Being Brave: Transforming our World retreat held in Halifax last August.

This retreat was “aimed at awakening kindness and courage in order to shift the direction of human destiny and bring global change”


May 18, 5pm to May 20, noon, 2012


* Join us in sitting and walking meditation and contemplation practice

* View the talks on DVD

* Participate in discussion

All are welcome; no meditation experience necessary


Shared meals

Private rooms or dorm accommodations available or just attend during the day


Cost for retreat only: $35-100

Cost for accommodations:

Information & registration:, 902 929 2584


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    I have lost track of how several points I�ve tried because developing ME/CFS 10 years ago, however nothing has been greater than meditation. I was warned that it would take at minimum 6 weeks of daily practice before I�d notice a immense difference, and I found which to be very true.

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