First Ever “Retreat Yourself” In Nova Scotia–at Cabot Shores

Young Adult Cancer of Canada (YACC) was founded 17 years ago in Newfoundland.  Its members are 18-35 year old survivors of cancer.

and their first “Retreat Yourself will be held at Cabot Shores.

The mission of YACC is:

“to  build a community of young adults diagnosed with cancer that provides information, support, skills and opportunity”

One of the ways YACC builds community is through retreat.  This year, there’s “Retreat Yourself” West in British Columbia

and “Retreat Yourself” East  in the Maritimes, at Cabot Shores on Cape Breton.

We are pleased to be chosen as their location and will be doing our best to help them to create a space where they

can accomplish the exchange, adventures and connection that supports their retreat goals.

I found it interesting to read on the Young Adult Cancer of Canada website the stages that structure their experience:

” Retreats have four stages:

1. Welcoming and introduction: We take some time to get to know one another from the start so we’re comfortable and open for the rest of the weekend.

2. Small group discussions: We discuss topics that are relevant and chosen by you from relationships, family and friends, sexuality and intimacy, fear of recurrence, the future, and more.

The entire group decides on four main topics and we discuss each one throughout the weekend. Of course, you’re not limited to the topics you choose and you’ll have many other discussions happen spontaneously throughout the weekend.

3. Information and tools:  We try and give you an update on the situation of young adult cancer survivors in Canada and also give you some tools to help you in your daily life.

4. Free time: The free time is a mix of structured and non-structured activities. Depending on the weather and the location, some people will just go out for a walk, swim in the pool, play basketball or volleyball, or just take a little afternoon nap. We also have a game night where we get together and play.”


The Retreat Yourself is from July 19-23, 2012 at Cabot Shores.  Attendees include survivors, supporters and facilitators of YACC.

More information, including registration, is available at their website, and specifically at the Retreat Yourself East link.

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