Pet-friendly Adventures along the Cape Breton Highlands


Ready, to Hike, Beach-comb, Kayak or Yolo Board with your Pet?

(Why Not?  There’s Even a Whale watching Captain who allows dogs on the Boat…)

Colleen from Burlington, Vermont loves to hike with her dog Elijah.  Elijah has been all through

New England, to Alaska and now to the Highlands of Cape Breton.

Here is Elijah and friend Calvin on the summit of the Spinnakin.

And here’s Cosmo with a young friend from Ontario, getting ready for a swim and walk along

the beach…




Pugs on the Go





What about a place to stay that’s pet-friendly?

Or a whale watching tour that welcomes your dog?  Call us for more information: 902 929 2584.



  1. Julie says

    Hello. I am trying to decide on a vacation destination for next year and I am seriously considering a visit to your area. We are a party of two adults and we travel with our obedient show dog. I have been able to locate plenty of information on pet friendly accommodations and hiking. My husband is a licensed U.S. Coast Guard captain and we also like to spend time on the water whenever possible. I am have not been able to locate information on any boat rentals in your area or any pet friendly boat tours. Please let me know if you are able to provide any suggestions or point me to anyone in your area who may be able to assist. Thank you very much.

  2. says


    Thanks for posting on our website.

    We don’t know of boat rentals, do know of both a whale watch that’s dog friendly and pet friendly hikes. We do know of boat captains and coast guard faculty/students who’ve stayed here (ie Canadian)

    Recommend you sign up for our newsletter on any page of website

    I will ask around about boats. Do have friends who sail and also have fishing boats. May be able to arrange something near here, so stay in touch.

    Cape Breton is great place for boating and we will check through our network of friends at Baddeck, Sydney and other yacht clubs to see about
    renting a boat or having you (and your husband) go out on one to explore the coast and the Bras DOr

  3. Karen Monz says

    Hi! I’ll be in Cape Breton the wee of July 26 – August 2. I’m traveling with my mom and 2 dogs. I’d really love to take a whale watching trip and read that there is a tour that allows dogs. Was wondering if you could give me their info as I’d love to get in touch and possibly book in advance. Thank you for your help.

  4. says

    Somewhat weather dependent and dependent on other passengers. We usually call Oshan morning of. Will send you a more detailed email.

  5. Elisabeth says

    We are planning to camp on CBI in August and would like to bring our dog, but now sure what we could do with him the 2 days we plan to visit Lousibourg. Other than that I think we could make the week work for him (and us). Ideas?

  6. says

    Hi there,

    I am planning a trip to Cape Breton within the next week and would really love to bring my dog so I am wondering where I can whale watch and bring my dog?

  7. says

    Good time to visit Cape Breton–we are pet-friendly here and can sometimes arrange
    a whale watch tour including your dog (also puffin tours)…will send more details in email.

  8. says

    Are many pet-friendly adventures here, including hikes, beach, canoes/kayaks, and occasionally whale and puffin tours…Call regarding some of your challenges around day trips…902 929 2584

  9. Lorin says

    Hi folks just a quick fyi regarding dogs and boats. I just booked a whale watching tour out of Pleasant Bay, CB … they ALLOW THE DOG ON THE BOAT. The information and phone number can be found on their website: — hope this helps :)

  10. says

    Thanks for comment. And if our readers are interested in visiting Meat Cove offshore and seeing whales all the way to Cape North, we highly recommend Oshan Whales, with Captain Cyril Fraser. It is pet-friendly for friendly dogs!

  11. Galit says

    Need help!
    We are planning to visit CB on this weekend, but all the places people recommended us don’t allow dogs…like skyline trail and fortress Louisburg. So we are looking for other recommendations for trails and places that allows dogs.

  12. says

    Cabot Shores has pet-friendly lodging and, more to your question, we know of many dog-friendly hikes, beaches and even canoes and kayaks. Best is to give us a call at 902 929 2584.

  13. says


    Not sure whether Ingonish Beach is pet-friendly, but have seen pets on Little River Beach. Cabot Shores’ beach is pet-friendly!

  14. Christine says

    Hello! Planning a trip to Cape Breton this August. Wondering if the skyline trail is dog friendly? If not, are there any doggie daycares or kennels in the area?

  15. Kim says

    Hi there,

    I’m planning to visit Cape Breton in late July, and hoping you might help me find a whale watching tour that is pet friendly. My dog is small, and happy to be in a carrier for a few hours if needed. Our preference is to do a tour that is in a larger boat if you know of any in the Cape Breton area.

    It would also be really great to know of any hiking trails and restaurants in the area that allow dogs.

    Thank you!

  16. says

    We do know of a whale watch that occasionally bring dogs along. We will contact them and see if they are continuing this practice this season. Late July is an excellent time for whale watching.

    We know of nearby waterfall trails along Indian Brook to waterfalls. These hikes are pet friendly. Search for “waterfalls” on our website,and will also write an email to you directly.

  17. Judy says

    We are planning to travel to CBI in mid August (3 weeks from now) and are wondering what we can do with our dog while we visit the Scottish Hall of Clans and other indoor attractions. If the temperature is cool enough, she’s easy to leave in our car, but that’s certainly no guarantee in mid-August. I’ve been having trouble locating doggie daycare in the area and I don’t think any of the hotels allow the dogs to be left in our room, even in crate, unattended.
    2nd question – I see Paul said that the Skyline Trail is not pet friendly. Does that mean even dogs on leash are not welcome? Or does it just mean no off leash dogs?

    Any suggestions?

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