Pet Friendly Accommodations

Is Your Dog Part of the Family?

Would it just be easier to bring your pet along?

Cosmo Welcomes Your Pet

Cosmo here,  official guide and greeter at Cabot Shores.  I welcome you and your companions, as long as they’re friendly (and don’t take my food!)

Call toll free 866 929 2584, say “pet friendly Cosmo and your pet stays free  (instead of $15-$25 a night).

We’ve got many special places a pet can stay at Cabot Shores, with our own separate entrances:

Bunk With Your Dog Whiff’s Lodge:

  • Room 5 has separate entrance outside and entrance to room from hallway
  • Room 6a has separate entrance outside and entrance to room from lodge hallway
  • room 6b is connected to 6a as part of suite and has separate entrance/exit to outside
Bunk With Your Dog in any of our Chalets or Breton Cove Farmhouse

Book & Stay With Us Today!



(the Yurt, Tipi & Campground work as well) and check out “Pet-friendly Adventures” along the Cabot Trail

or read on for more pet’s presence at Cabot Shores


  1. says

    Hi Laura,
    Would love to do some cross promotions with you guys! LOVE that you are pet friendly! I actually own a website called if you would like to check that out!!!
    Looking forward to chatting with you!
    I am away tomorrow But back on Thursday afternoon so let us be in touch after that.
    Cheers Kathleen

  2. says


    Liked your website very much and excited you’ll be getting in touch with Laura in Halifax. Look forward to having ever more pet-friendly guests enjoying Cape Breton and Cabot Shores this winter and beyond! Cheers, Paul

  3. says

    Hello there,

    we are planning a trip to CB between August 16-18 and are interested in one of your pet friendly chalets (we are three adults + one pooch).
    How far are you from the National Park entrance? And how much is the chalet per night?
    Thank you.

  4. says


    We have l chalet available from those dates and are not far from the park, while opposite us is the Indian Brook and French River wilderness.
    We hike there with our dog Cosmo. Best is to email us at
    or call 902 929 2584 soon. Thanks, Paul

  5. says

    Thanks, Silvia, for checking out petfriendly recommendations on facebook. Glad we came up
    and you are staying here with border collie Will. See you all soon.

  6. hilary taylor says

    My dog Jack and i are travelling up from MA. US to PEI and CB and wonder what you have available Aug. 21-23. Thanks very much, Hilary

  7. says

    Hi Hilary,
    Generally we have pet-friendly availability in: our chalets, lodge, tipi, yurt.
    Aug. 21-23 were almost full but will send you direct email with up to date availability.
    Also, please feel free to call us at 902 929 2584.

  8. hilary taylor says

    thanks paul, great talk with Mc Kenzie and she had good insight for my travels, coming from PEI. See you on the 21st with Jack. Be well, Hilary

  9. says


    Great news that you had a good chat with Mackenzie and glad you and
    Jack will be visiting us on the 21st. Best, Paul

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