Cheema The Puppy Gets Away on Cape Breton

Ready for a Fall Season Budget  Special?

"I'm Ready"*

Cold weather not yet here…delight in  the freshness of fall

which has cleared out the tourists and the summer bugs…

For those liking a late diplay of foliage, big blazing fires and the beauty of Cape Breton.

And for the next week or so, for the hearty:

  • Stay in a Yurt (up to 4 people) or the Tipi for $40 off

Book by Friday and enjoy these Extra Amenities on Us: Call 866 929 2584

for “fall special”

1.  Pool table in the Lodge

2.  InfraRed Sauna (for three)

3.  Breakfast Bar (for two) in our restaurant

4.  Complementary early morning Qi Gong or morning hike

5.   Guided hike & Trail marking on October 23 with trail lunch

6.   Dinner with $5 certificate (try finding other places open!!)

Just call toll free 866 929 2584 or email

Why Are Making this Offer?  For you

  • to eat up our fall harvest in the restaurant & polish off some local wine or beer…
  • to see and take pictures of newly stained chalets…
  • to run you pets (or your children) or your mate out for a fun getaway (don’t you deserve it?)

PS Help with or hike up Indian Brook Falls Trail and get your second night free!!!

Mark a Trail to Indian Brook Falls (photos by Ernst Mutchnick)

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