Meditate at Cabot Shores

Cabot Shores now offers our guests, staff and the local community several opportunities to participate in meditation practice.

During the first weekend in January, 2012, a Werma practice weekend was held. Four students of Sakyon Mipham Rinpoche practiced in one of the Cabot Shores chalets, ” a spot that is conducive to practice” as one of the students commented.  The chalet is situated in the midst of  the natural elements of Cape Breton’s Atlantic coast.

The next Werma practice weekend is planned for March 2012.

A weekly meditation group for the local community and Cabot Shores staff was also initited on the same weekend. Nine people from St.Ann’s Bay region came, some to learn to meditate, others to deepen their practice or/or support the formation of this group.

We practiced sitting and walking meditation, had a lively discussion, did a brief contemplation, and dedicated the merit.

This group meets every Sunday from 3-4pm, is open to all on a drop-in basis, is free of charge  or by free will donation to the Good health Festival Society, and will run through March, 2012.

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