Lobster Fishing off Breton Cove, Cape Breton

Lobster Fishing Off Cape Breton



The MacInnis family are neighbors of ours at Breton Cove.

Merrill’s family has been lobster fishing over 80 years. One morning I went on his boat and helped out with the mackerel nets (for bait) and enjoyed the early morning cruise along the Cape Breton Coast…and generally got the feel of 4:20am departure, lobster “lunch” at 8:30 am….

This video gives you a bit of the history and crew in action, the coast line just below the Breton Cove Hideaway, and even lobsters being cooked by Merrill at Cabot Shores…His boat is called the Briton Bounty. The video was edited by Jeff Arak and the music is from Wings of fiddler Jennifer Roland…


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