Learn the Secrets of Our Chefs

Organic Garden at Cabot Shores, NS

Join our Chefs in the kitchen and learn their secrets as you create delectable dishes that you and your friends can share and enjoy. Many of the vegetables and herbs we use are grown in our very own organic garden. Cared for by Gardener-in-Chief Barbara, our garden holds a spice and herb patch, tomato vines, and produces fresh greens such as lettuce and carrots in season. The garden is fully organic and ever expanding.

Planked Salmon Served at Cabot Shores, NSCedar Plank Maple Salmon

Join Chef Carl as he prepares locally caught salmon fillets and shares his personal vast Arctic Cooking Adventure Stories. Learn the secrets behind marinating and basting the perfect Maple Salmon. Learn how to prep the Cedar Planks which the Salmon is cooked on over an open flame.

Smoked Local Meats & Fish

After a relaxing day of fishing, come back to the lodge where you will be shown the methods of smoking your very own catch of the day. This method of cooking results in meat that is flavorful, juicy, and very tender.

Vegan/Vegetarian Dishes

Delicious Vegan Dish at Cabot Shores (Large)
Work with Barbara Weinberg to create a vegetarian or vegan dish where the majority of ingredients used are in their natural state, organic and local. Many of the vegetables and herbs are plucked fresh from our own organic garden, from our reclaimed apple orchard, or straight from the wild; such as wild berries or chanterelle mushrooms. Taste the difference of our fresh organically-grown vegetables and herbs as you create refreshing and tasty vegan & vegetarian dishes.

Wood Fired Pizza

Our Wood Fired Pizza Oven is a favorite among our guests. You’ll learn how to creating the perfect pizza dough and get to choose your own personalized toppings including various sauces, cheeses, meats and vegetables from our very own organic garden.

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