Hurricane Irene Goes Easy On Cape Breton

Many guests are asking what happened to Cabot Shores and to

Cape Breton during Hurricane Irene.


Well, it pretty much passed over us, hit Quebec much worse

and according to my friend,  Dr. Earle Williams of Norfalk, it

places like Virginia much worse.  He said:  “I had two sump

pumps going for 24 hours to safeguard my basement.  We took

the hit for you!”

And glad they did.  Not that we didn’t prepare.  Took the

Eagle Feather ferry out of the water and did some repairs.

Next day winds were bad enough to cancel the Englishtown

Ferry, but after that, it was back in action, as was most of Cape


In this case, hurricane preparation was stronger than the

fact of Hurricane Irene.

Having lost a Yurt after Hurricane Katrina, we’d rather prepare

well than get hit at all…



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