Group Adventures

Experiences Come In A Magical JAR at Cabot Shores

(Learn about the Group Adventure of young people in the Waldorf Adventure Video on the right.)

What is the Magical JAR?

At Cabot Shores “JAR”J stands for: Journey, Adventure, Retreat.

Most all of us travel some distance to arrive on Cape Breton, even just from Halifax, to arrive at Cabot Shores… There’s the Journey.

And there’s our Adventures, be it a hike, boating, fishing, sight-seeing; relaxing or challenging, you’ll have no shortage of excitement and new experiences here.

And the Retreat or Workshop (taking time to get perspective, to reflect, even to relax or learn something new.

Here is a Class Trip showing the JAR experience of young people led by teacher Betsy Gimenez visiting Cape Breton and staying in the Breton Cove Farmhouse, each day a different adventure, outdoor and cultural.

Also, in your JAR you will have:

Lodging & Food

  • Stay at the historic Breton Cove Farmhouse, or other accommodations.
  • Eating in the Great Room at Whiff’s Lodge.


  • Visiting Lothier (instrument maker)¬† Otis Tomas.
  • Seeing a lobster pier, meeting lobster fishermen, buying, cooking¬†& eating delicious Nova Scotia seafood.
  • Cape Breton Lobsterpalooza Festival running from May into July.
  • Beach-combing along the Atlantic and Church Pond right at Cabot Shores.
  • Touring the Cabot Trail.
  • Hearing French Acadian music played by the French Acadian Family from Isle Madame–the Boudreaux.
  • Canoeing & Kayaking.
  • Seeing moose, eagles and other wildlife, right outside your window at Cabot Shores.
  • Interacting with interns and guides building green projects, such as a solar hot water system.
  • Meeting First Nations Guides and learning more of the Mi’kmaq history, shared around a campfire.

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