Good Health Festival Becomes Society (raising money for Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia)

Now it’s official.    The Good Health Festival is now a registered and incorporated

Canadian Society.  And the first Good Health Festival was a stunning success.


The Good Health Festival took place at Cabot Shores on the weekend of July 8th-10th,

with enthusiastic folks from Cape Breton to Quebec, Ontario and even Perth, Australia.


Live music with Heartwoodslacks of Sydney, a welcoming ceremony by elders of Wagmatcook,

NIA and Qi Gong by Carol Kennedy and Barbara Weinberg; Yolo boarding and a waterfall hike by

Dr. Paul.


Jim Thompson, a  talented brother of Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia Director, Barb Thompson, even

donated an afternoon of expert massage, while local craftspeople donated pottery, wood and

iron work to the larder.


Over $2100 was raised toward the $5600 goal for the Breast Cancer Survivor’s Retreat in October.


The theme is Well-Being Through Adventure and the next event is a Firewalk, led by Barbara and Dr.

Paul of Firedance on Sunday, August 7th.  Goal is to raise $1500 through “workshop” attendees, sponsors

and donations.


Call 902 929 2584 or email for more information.

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