About Gate of Life Healing Arts & Barbara (“B”)Weinberg

Have you ever been on holiday, very much wanting a break from the busy-ness of your life and found yourself unable to unwind?

Gate of Life Healing Arts at Cabot Shores may provide the initial spark and further support you to do just that.  Not only that, the healing arts modalities offered at Cabot Shores may inspire you to continue some type of practice once you return home to the demands of daily life.

Keeping things simple and direct is our guiding principle.

Qi Gong is a form of gentle exercise that aids in the movement of human life energy, also called Qi. In applying these techniques, one employs the use of the human body’s meridians, which are the body’s channels through which Qi Energy flows. Here at Cabot Shores, we offer complimentary Qi Gong sessions in the morning before breakfast. These sessions usually last 15-20 minutes and are open to anyone. Please let Barbara know that you are interested in attending one night ahead of time. (Check for location of session)

Group meditation is also offered free of charge. Meditation is an ancient practice in which one learns to calm the mind so that one’s awareness is able to increase. Sessions consist of mindfulness meditation and are open to beginners as well as more advanced meditation students; they last 15-20 minutes. Please let us know if you are interested in attending.

Individual therapeutic massage (Zero Balancing and Acupressure) is also available to guests. Treatments can be set up in your room or your chalet. Please let Barbara know if you would like to book a treatment as soon as possible. Cost: $75 for 55 minutes

Five Element Acupuncture is an ancient form of acupuncture that works by treating a person at the levels of body, mind, and heart or spirit. Through this treatment, the person moves back into harmony with themselves, their emotions and their life as a whole*. Acupuncture and Acupressure work by stimulating the patient’s own Qi or life-force energy to accelerate the healing process. Treatments can be set up in your room or your chalet. Cost: $75-90/session (Sessions range from 45-60 minutes.)
*Conditions that respond well to acupuncture include: GI and circulatory disorders, headaches, women’s health issues, allergies, muscle pain, and many others.

Group Acupuncture (is particularly effective for treating anxiety, depression, insomnia, and cravings. Cost: $25/person. (Sessions range from 45-60 minutes; check for time and location)

In addition to the above, Cabot Shores has faculty in Yoga, Nia, Massage (both individual and group).

Complementary “healing arts amenities include”: emphasis on “green resort fare” featuring local organic food (often from our garden) in season,

the nature sanctuary here and around Cape Breton, an infrared sauna, Japanese Ofuro soaking (healing) tubs…

Let us know what’s Your Healing Arts Wish List? or give us a call at 902 929 2584.  Retreats and workshops are also available during all 4 seasons, so, if interested, please sign up on any page for our e-letter.

Barbara Weinberg, Lic.Ac, RN, BSN;
gateoflifeacu@gmail.com; 902-929-2584


  1. Greg says

    I am curious about your services and would like to know more. I suffer from depression and alcohol and my wife from low self esteem and depression. Much of my alcohol consumption is related to pain and now habit.

  2. says

    Thank you for letting us know your situation and that you’d like to know more about acupuncture and other offered services. To protect your privacy, an email was sent to you

    Your questions are excellent and we hope to put a more general answer on our website for
    people wanting to educate themselves on 5 element acupuncture, qi gong, NADA and other services offered here and around Cape Breton

    We erroneously published this response for about 24 hours and apologize to you for any
    perceived invasion of privacy. It was 100% my error and we wish you the best in whatever choices you make for yourself.

  3. Sandra Webber says

    Hi Is there a week or weekend deal loved yoga and relation also non drinker or smoker would love Meditation as well

  4. says


    Thanks for inquiring about the next Retreat. For local folks (and those willing and able to travel), we’re putting together a Healing Arts Retreat end of May, beginning of June. The weekend is May 31-June 2. There will be Yoga, guided meditation and the walks/boating around the Cabot Shores nature sanctuary, healthy food and much more. We will send you a direct email and thanks for looking at Gate of Life Retreats…

  5. Sandra Webber says

    Would Love to Know The price Of The weekend May31till June2 is there a bus from Halifax would love to bock a spot how many people would be there is this open to Men and Women where do you stay would love to see pics

  6. says


    We are just putting together the retreat and will send you all details in email, and ask you to call us with reaction to the schedule. Will be for men and women. You can see pictures of lodge and chalets on this site, and, yes, there is a bus or shuttle from Halifax to the Englishtown turnoff (exit 12). Will arrange to pick you up.

  7. Kathryn says

    Would like to know costs of up coming events as I live in cape Breton and need some healing ,ASAP.

  8. says

    Hi Kathryn,

    Will send you email with some questions, since you could be part of upcoming retreats and even design your own personalized retreat. Best to email us with more detail or to call us directly at 902 929 2584, there are a number of events being organized by and for Capers this spring, summer and fall.

  9. Sandra says

    Hello Paul…I live in the Iona area of Cape Breton and I’ve recently retired from work as a clinical counselor. Although I am officially retired the passion for helping others heal in body/mind/spirit is still alive and well within me.

    As a Holistic Life Coach I specialize in the following healing modalities:
    Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Master Level Reiki, Guided Meditation/Visualization Practitioner, along with Chakra Balancing Techniques. These methods are geared to releasing personal barriers to living optimal lives filled with the energy and passion we so desire.

    I facilitate individual and/or group sessions in weight management and smoking cessation, along with pain control, self-esteem, confidence building, anger management, stress reduction, fears and phobias, sleep disturbances, anxiety and panic, grief/loss/separation, as well as improving athletic performance and learning experiences (etc.).

    The combined benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Hypnotherapy are excellent in working together to negate the effects of personal or vicarious trauma that maybe either current or historical in nature. These modalities come under the umbrella of Energy Psychology and work in releasing and eradicating trauma and its negative effects on an individual’s daily living experience; this is core healing at it’s best.

    As you read my email I hope you are able to envision my expertise as a certified Hypnotherapist (the only one practicing in Cape Breton), EFT practitioner and Reiki Master as an additional benefit to your Gate to Life Program. Having an opportunity to meet with your program coordinator to discuss the possibility of offering individual sessions, workshops and/or retreats at Cabot Shores is certainly a goal I would love to actualize.

    If you are interested in meeting please contact via email: smgouthro@hotmail.com

    Thanks and Have a Wonderful Day :)

    Sandra Gouthro

  10. says

    Sandra, we’d be delighted to meet with you. Your extensive experience will be helpful toward
    ensuring well-being among our guests, as it has for scores of people during your many years
    of practice.


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