FREE Tipi Stay – 10th Anniversary Super Special*

Afternoon Tipi“WHAATT?!? I can stay one night in the Tipi for FREE???” Yes, we can read your mind. This is an amazing offer, in fact, when we first thought of it we laughed and laughed until someone said, “Why not?” So here it is. To celebrate the 10th-Year Anniversary of Cabot Shores Wilderness Retreat, we’re letting our wonderful guests stay one night in the Tipi free of charge.

Just call us to book the night. The calendar below shows which times are available (please note: we update the calendar manually, so a time may already be taken and hasn’t been input just yet. Best to call early.)

Call Now to Book Your FREE Night!

*Some conditions may apply.

Enjoy this quick video of erecting the Tipi for the season.