Fiddlers Paul Cranford & Sarah Beck to Play at “March Madness” at Cabot Shores

Dr. Paul promises a  monthly Party, Feast or Festival (sometimes all three) and in March, fiddlers

Paul Cranford and Sarah Beck will do a concert on Saturday night, March 10th at 8pm, and will

provide jigs and reals for some  irrepressible square setters leading the way to an informal dance (no prior knowledge required!)

Paul and Sarah have performed for a number of weddings and other events at Cabot Shores as part of the group Rocky Shores Band  as well as at Celtic Colours…

Besides being a fiddler, Paul Cranford is a former lighthouse keeper,  composer and publisher dedicated to supporting the tradition of Celtic fiddle music across Cape Breton, Scotland and Ireland.  (his website is  Recently he teamed with  Celtic Colours to compile the “Celtic Colours Collection” of over 40 different composers.

Besides being a fiddler, Sara Beck is playing piano for March Madness and is a prolific potter and owner

of  Wild Fire Pottery, just up the road from Cabot Shores.



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