FAQ – Yurt/Tipi

Where do I shower when I am staying at the yurt or the tipi?

– There are shower and washroom facilities in the lodge for guests staying in the tipi and yurt.

Is there electricity in the yurt?

– No there is no electricity or running water in the yurt.

How far is the yurt from the lodge?

– About a 3 minute walk.

How many people can sleep in the yurt/tipi?

– The yurt sleeps up to four people

– The tipi can sleep up to 5 people

Are there linens provided in the yurt/tipi?

– Yes, linens are provided for guests staying in the yurt or tipi. We also have extra sleeping bags for colder nights


  1. Kyra says

    I am very interested in staying at the Yurt. I can’t seem to find the book online link so if you could email me to disucss this further that would be greatly appreciated :)

  2. says

    Hi Kyra,

    You are among many late season Yurt adventurers…And you can go to any page of our website–upper right hand
    corner and “Book Now”–all pricing and availability comes up…but I’ll also write you an email. And even better, give us a
    call to reserve the Yurt and talk together about what other adventures interest you on Cape Breton…number toll free
    is 866 929 2584.

  3. Camilla Ceroli says

    Good evening,
    We have the Tipi booked for a night on August 15th. We are trying to put together a supply list for our trip out East and we are in need of information of what comes with the Tipi. I was planning to bring our camp cots and sleeping bags but from the FAQ on the Tipi & Yurts, it sounds like there are supplies. Can you please let me know what comes with the Tipi. Thanks Camilla

  4. says

    Thanks for booking the Tipi online. No need to bring cots or sleeping bags. You’ll have queen bed and twins, with linens…however, no electricity, just
    a fire site and picnic table and great views outside…easy access to lodge with bathrooms, common room with pool and ping pong table and fireplace; Great Room with Bistro and Concert Hall; and outside 55 acres of nature sanctuary; free Eagle Feather Ferry out to beach and ability to rent canoes/kayaks/yolo boards and more…look forward to your visit…

  5. says

    The green yurt and the cedar yurt have such windows. The red, blue and soon orange Dolores yurts have odor windows looking directly onto the Atlantic.

  6. Tara says

    I was just wondering if both the Orange and Tan yurts have a Japanese hot tub as I can see it in the pictures for the Tan yurt but it’s not in the write up and vise versa for the Orange yurt. Also, are there any packages for couples for this time of year? Thank you!

  7. says

    Yes, there is a Cedar Ofuro Japanese Tub between the Blue and Red Yurts. It is also not far from the Orange Yurt and can be reserved for its exclusive use.
    The Tan Cedar Yurt has an Ofuro right next to it and it can be reserved by the evening. Will send you info directly for the new fall packages that will also be appearing on our website.

  8. Judith says

    Coming to the area last week in July a couple and adult dtr.
    Which yurt or tipi do you recommend for good mattress – privacy, quiet and views?

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