FAQ – Lodge

1) Do we bring our own linens to Cabot Shores?

-Linens are provided in all rooms

2) Is there WIFI in the lodge rooms?

-Yes there is WIFI at the lodge and in the rooms

3) Are there coffee machines in the lodge rooms?

– There are no coffee machines in the rooms; however, we have self serve coffee in the lodge throughout the day.

4) Are there shared bathrooms in the lodge rooms?

– Each lodge room has their own bathroom

5) Is there cell phone reception at Cabot Shores?

– There is usually not cell phone reception right at Cabot Shores, but there is on the Cabot Trail and at the Englishtown Ferry area           —about 3 miles away.

6) What about computer service…DSL, wireless, dial up?

– There is wireless internet in the lodge.

7) Is there Satellite TV?

– There is no cable TV, satellite TV etc…

8) Do you have laundry facilities at your location?

– There are coin operated laundry facilities in our lodge. The washer takes 2 loonies and the dryer takes 4 quarters.

Detergent – do I need to bring my own?

– Laundry detergent can be purchased the front desk (per load)

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