FAQ – Chalets

1) We would like to find out what we might need to bring with us to enjoy the cooking facilities in the chalet…are things like salt and pepper already there? 

What about coffee filters? 

Kitchen soap? 

Bathroom soap? 

Are there pots big enough to cook lobsters? 

– It’s a full kitchen: stove with oven, microwave, sink, fridge with small freezer, toaster, coffee maker, tea kettle, cooking pots and dishes & cutlery.

-We do supply coffee filters, dish soap, hand soap, dish towels, pot holders and such.  If you need additional things, please feel free to let us know and we are usually able to supply them

2) Are there BBQs?

– There are fire pits at the chalets, and we can provide grills for BBQ. There is free driftwood for burning, or you can buy wood here.


3)  Are any of the chalets wheelchair accessible?  “I have a motorized wheelchair…are there roll in showers and a ramp to get into the cottage/chalet?”

Yes.  The Tan Chalet is wheelchair accessible.  It has a roll in shower and a ramp entrance.  Also the lodge has a room (5) which is wheelchair accessible, with its own ramp, special bathroom and wheelchair acceptable space for doors and around the room.  For more information on the Tan Chalet and the wheelchair accessible features of the Tan Chalet please click on the link.


  1. Gary Bagga says

    Please confirm availability of a chalet for Aug 15-19 (4 nights) and best rate you can offer. I have CAA membership.

  2. says


    Yes, we do have availability for four nights August 15-19, in a chalet.
    Will email you our best rates and ask you more detail about number of travelers and your interests.
    Also, check out our newsletter and we will send you more info on Cabot Shores location and activities. You can also call us directly at 902 929 2584 for our best possible offers…”early bird specials…”

  3. margaret leeson says

    i am interested in the red chalet at the end of july-early august. we would be 2 adults and 2 children. can you tell me the rates and what is available for a few nights at that time.

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