FAQ – Campground

1) Where are the campgrounds at Cabot Shores?

– There is a campground in our apple orchard, and another one beside Indian Brook

2)  Where do I shower when I am staying at a campsite?

– There is a shower and a bathroom for campers on the red deck beside “Dolly’s House”

What is “Dolly’s House”?

– Where the staff and interns live.

3) How far are the campgrounds from the lodge?

– About a 5 minute walk

4)  What is “lodge camping”?

– “Lodge camping” is what Dr. Paul says is “designed for folks who want to be close

to nature, but not too close”.

You set up a tent often between the lodge and the Tipi, with a fire and picnic table,

but also the lodge nearby, with its washrooms  and solar powered shower, high

speed wireless internet and Bistro.  The Great Room is right there on rainy days…



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