FAQ Breton Cove

1) Are there laundry facilities at Breton Cove?

-Yes there is a washer and dryer.

2) How far is Breton Cove from Cabot Shores?

– 13km North

3) Are dishes provided in the kitchen at Breton Cove?

– Yes

4) Are linens provided at Breton Cove?

– Yes, linens are provided

5) Is there cell phone reception or internet at Breton Cove?

– There is no internet at Breton Cove; however, you can stop by the Lodge at Cabot Shores anytime to use the WIFI.

– There is cell phone reception

6)  How is the hiking near Breton Cove?

You have hiking right out the door.  You are on 60 acres along the ocean.  There are short hikes to Maggie’s Pond and

up along the cliffs above the Atlantic. There is also an engaging guided hike up the Spinnakin with a 360 degree view

and you are not far from Cape Breton Highland’s Park.

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