Faq – Bistro

1) What time is dinner at the Bistro?

– We offer a 6:30 seating.  Later in the evening we serve a “Hot Pot” meal – a stew, chili or chowder with fresh home made bread

2) What are some options for vegetarian and vegan menu items at the Bistro?

– Vegetarian:

apart from pasta dishes such as veggie lasagna and pesto pasta we also serve things like seitan stew with shiitake mushrooms, cheese-nut loaf with a creamy herb or mushroom sauce, black bean burger, veggie enchiladas, mushroom ragout over polenta to name some favorites.


Chickpea curries, various rice noodle dishes such as Pad Thai, sesame rice noodles and others; lentil salad; coconut curries, palak paneer made with tofu instead of cheese to name a few.

Since our bistro is small and we cook everything to order, we generally have one vegetarian/vegan option.  So if you and your friends would like to eat here it would be best to contact us ahead of time so that we can discuss a menu and prepare something special for you.

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