Faq Activities

1) How long does it take to drive to Ingonish, Baddeck, North Sydney andSydney?

– Ingonish – 40 minutes

– Baddeck – 30 minutes

– North Sydney – 40 minutes

-Sydney – 60 minutes

2) Where is the nearest pharmacy?

– In Baddeck (30 minutes away)

3) Is there a pharmacy in the Wal-Mart in Sydney?

– There is a pharmacy in both Wal-Marts inSydney.

4) Is there a public library inSydney?

-There is a public library inSydneyand one in Baddeck as well. There is also occasionally a bookmobile that stops by the area.

5) How close is the nearest grocery store?  Fresh fish market?  Fresh bread market?

On another note, if you do plan to cook meals in your chalet, may I suggest some good places to shop for groceries on your way to Cabot Shores as from here it’s about 45-60 minutes to the nearest supermarket, and 20 minutes to a small local store:

1. Atlantic Supervalue supermarket in Antigonish (first Antigonish exit off the TransCanada Hwy on your right).

2. Coop in Baddeck – take the 1st Baddeck exit off the TransCanada, turn right just before the 1st stop sign and drive down to the Coop. This store is likely not to be open too late, so the Supervalue in Antigonish might be your better bet.

6) Is access to the beach easy enough or do we need to climb down the hill?

– Just opposite the beach we have the Eagle Feather Ferry which is a rowboat with a rope and pulley. It takes about 5 minutes to walk there from the beach. It is very easy to use. A 91 year old woman did it last summer!

7) Do you have canoes or kayaks available with the chalets?

– We do have canoes, kayaks and Yolo boards for rent (not included with the chalet).

8) How can one find out the times that the whale watches take place? Is it required to book a spot on the tour, if so how?

– The schedules change somewhat depending on the size of the boat that you would like to do the whale watch on (zodiac or big steel boat), location (Ingonish,PleasantBayorBay StLawrence) and the weather.

– We can book a spot on the tour for you on the same day.


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