Enjoy Your Cape Breton Adventures at Cabot Shores

What Is Your Favorite Adventure on Cape Breton?

                     (Here’s A Sampler to Tickle Your Fancy)

A number of folks have read the USA Travel Tips mention of Cabot Shores and want to know more about us…

And the answer has to do with adventure, your favorite adventure–outdoor, cultural and even the lodging

you choose and the companions you bring along…for the ride…


Dog Cosmo & Fellow Explorer

This video shows what you can do and be at Cabot Shores, but let us know what you think the experience, the

video should be called…for now it’s

“Intro to Cape Breton’s Cabot Shores”

…kindly write what you’d call it below…

[videotrafficgenius:Intro-To-Cabot-Shores.mp4 waterfall.jpg 640 480]

Your title?

Don’t know yet?  Come and find your adventure.

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