Director of “Mysterious Ruins: Cape Breton” Reviews Cabot Shores

Above, the photo by Nyani Quarmyle, you see author Paul Chiasson, along with the assistant producer

and a local archeologist.



Director Peter Findlay’s Review



“Thanks, Dr. Paul. What a treat to have your gorgeous retreat as the base for our filming (of “Mysterious Ruins: Cape Breton:”).

Not only is it a spectacular setting and a home away from home, but it also allowed own team our own little headquarters and clubhouse.

If only every shoot was so much fun! (Peter Findlay: Toronto, Ontario)”


And a trailer from Mysterious Ruins” on the History Television of Canada, produced by Ellis.


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    No, we don’t have email address for Paul Chiasson, author of The Islands of 7 Cities; you may be able to contact him through the publisher Random House or through St. Martin’s Press, 175, 5th Ave, NY, NY 10010. Good luck.

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