Charlie Boorman without Ewan McGregor, arriving for Cape Breton Adventures

Charlie Boorman, with the actor and adventurer Ewan McGregor, round motorcycles around the world over 105 days.  It was a great

adventure documented in the TV series,  “Long Way Round”.   Now he and his crew are about an hour from Cabot Shores on Cape Breton.

Long Way Round with Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor

They are visiting us as part of a 16 stop series called Extreme Frontiers, Canada, a series for the UK station 5, produced by Big Earth

Productions and directed by Russ Malkin.  Here they will go on a lobster boat adventure, meet some Mi’kmaq elders, beach comb and

possibly do the Cabot Trail all in a 24 hour period.


How did they find us?  Someone of their team (maybe Charley) saw a  two minute video with did

showing the MacInnes family in action, carrying on lobster fishing tradition in family over 5 generations.  Find it and add your comment.

Click on lobster fishing off Cape Breton. Merrill supplies our lobster and some great stories…




More soon.


Stay tuned.


Cabot Shores–great adventures and stories guaranteed!




  1. M. Wood says

    WOW — only 24 hours to be spent on Cape Breton Island — ?? How is that possbible?!
    As well, with Charlie being such a bike enthusiast, I cant imagine why he isnt on a motorcycle doing the Cabot Trail (rated in the top 10 in the world for bikers) … next time I guess -?!! Like most who induldge in the company of ‘Capers’ and the sheer beauty and down home hospitality of Cape Breton – Im sure he is now wishing there were more days to be spent with the fine folks at the Cabot Shores.

  2. says

    I recently watched “Long Way Down,” the motorcycle trip that Charley and Ewan took from John O’Groats, Scotland down to Cape Town, South Africa. Spectacular scenery, good company and a strong sense of ‘giving back to the communities’ they visited. Having bicycled across Canada myself in 1990, I am very envious of the opportunities that these fine gents are capable of undertaking. I know Charley and his crew will thoroughly enjoy the Cape Breton hospitality and I too hope they make it back again.

  3. says

    Kevin, Charlie, Russ and crew did enjoy Cape Breton hospitality and adventures…we thoroughly enjoyed their company. They will be back to Cape Breton and they will be welcome. Will have more in this space in terms of pictures, video and stories. Stay in touch and thanks for your part in the conversation.

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