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Atlanta Guest Sees Cape Breton Moose

January 12, 2012
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Tom and his wife Judith are from Atlanta, Georgia and they’d never seen a moose before.
The first night, upon arrival, they were standing on the deck of Whiff’s lodge, facing the
ocean and hearing that they might see an eagle or moose, from the Lodge or from their chalet.
Just then an eagle flew overhead and it made Dr. Paul look like a prophet…
The next morning, Tom, an artist and writer, came into the lodge for breakfast and had an
even better story to tell…
You’ll see it in this short video.

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Moose Missions at Cabot Shores’ Apple Orchard

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Beached Pilot Whale at Jersey Cove, Cape Breton

October 17, 2011
Photo by Matthew Didisheim

We got a call the other day that there was a beached whale near the causeway by the Englishtown ferry, so I grabbed my camera and drove down to see it.  An image of a giant whale washed up on shore with a mass of people  trying frantically to save it produced itself in my head, and […]

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Captain Cyril & Dr. Paul–Whales off Cape Breton Island

July 28, 2011
Captain Cyril Fraser

Captain Cyril Fraser was enjoying Plank salmon at Cabot Shores’ Bistro and his wife
Sharon, a seafood chowder, prepared by Chef Carl Nemeth…when
Dr. Paul asked  the Captain about the doings of local whales off Bay St. Lawrence
which inspired several whale watching excursions among Cabot Shores’ guests…
off Bay St. Lawrence and Cape North…
Please click the image below to start the video:

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Where do Cape Breton Eagles Go During Snowstorms?

December 27, 2010
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Woke this morning to a wild winter snowstorm…wind howling…snow catapulting off the roof in great thunderous clouds. Always makes me wonder how the wildlife copes in this kind of weather. An hour later, sitting at breakfast of steaming latte & veggie scramble, looking out at the ocean, there’s my answer:  Our resident bald eagle, sitting […]

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