Cabot Shores is the first and only 4 season wilderness resort on the Cabot Trail of Cape Breton Island

Located on the Cabot Trail, Cabot Shores was founded in 2004, when Dr. Paul and Barbara created a gathering place including a geobarn lodge and four chalets on 55 acres bordering Indian Brook, Church Pond and the Atlantic. Cabot Shores is the first and only 4 star, 4 season Wilderness Resort which is at once an adventure destination, gathering place for couples and families and groups, and a jump-off point for the Cabot Trail and other iconic spots around Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

AARP/WGBH Features Cabot Shores Couple in 5 Weeks to New Life Episode

June 28, 2011
WGBH Breather in Boston Commons

Barbara & Dr. Paul In “5 Weeks to New Life” Episode
(“Can You Afford to Live Your Dream?”)
The story is about an entrepreneur who takes a risk in starting Cabot
Shores.  That would be Dr. Paul.  Barbara thinks he is risking too much,
complicating their lives, is over his head…in pursuit of a dream…
The dream is Cabot Shores on an Island, you know it, called Cape Breton.

You’ll see us in the episode:”Can You Afford to Live Your Dream?“.
There’s tension, separation and even a happy
ending, but judge for yourself and let us hear your comments…
What do you think of the expert, Jane Bryant Quinn?  [...]

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Cape Breton Post Article on Charley Boorman

June 18, 2011
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Laura Jean Grant wrote an article on Charley Boorman and lobster fishing adventures
in the Cape Breton Post.   It was great being on the boat with Charley and the Extreme
Frontier’s crew and the the MacInnis lobster fishing crew…and afterwards eating lobster and
plank salmon cooked here over a fire by chef Carl Nemeth.
Here is Charley clearing the table in the lodge.

Charley Boorman bussing tables at Cabot Shores

And here is the article in the by Laura Jean Grant…

Extreme Frontiers Canada visits Cape Breton
Submitted photoCharley Boorman posted on Twitter this photo of himself lobster fishing off Cape Breton earlier [...]

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Barbara & Dr. Paul on web series: WGBH/AARP

June 10, 2011
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Cast of “5 Weeks to a Better Life “

The  “5 Weeks to A Better Life” web TV Show is on… Barbara and Dr. Paul on a WGBH/AARP reality program.    It’s about

a group of “baby boomers’ on Retreat with a revolving group of experts
You may have already seen it on the web or heard us asking  for tips on  being on TV on our website.
Tips for Being on TV
Most frequent tip for Barbara:  “just be yourself and don’t worry:  they’ll love you!”  (I know, I do)
Most frequent tip for Paul:  “don’t talk too much about Cabot Shores…just be [...]

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Mi’kmaq Breakfast at Cabot Shores

May 30, 2011
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    John Henry Lafford is an esteemed guide and guest at Cabot Shores. An elder in the Mi’kmaq band at Eskasoni, John Henry holds a parallel vision with Cabot Shores, in terms of awakening, exploring and discovering what may be of use to future generations.  A guide to Mi’kmaq traditions, he has built a […]

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Sample Menu

May 25, 2011

Appetizers, Soups and Salads
Fish cakes
Shrimp cocktail
Mussels (1 lb.)
Veggies with humus
Seafood chowder
Vegetable soup of the day (local seasonal and fresh from the organic garden)
Garden salad
Grated carrot with garlic lemon dressing
Beet with orange feta dressing
Seafood and Meat
Planked salmon – salmon cooked on cedar planks over an open fire, daily sauce selection*
Chicken supreme – chicken breast prepared with sauteed apples, onions and bacon, in a rich cream sauce, featuring Smuggler’s Cove Black Rum and cream*
10oz boneless rib steak – grilled to perfection with pan-fried mushrooms*
Panfried haddock – local haddock, pan-fried to perfection*
Lasagna primavera
Seafood chowder with home-baked bread
Mushroom fettuccine alfredo – mushrooms in a [...]

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Our Garden

May 25, 2011
Seedings growing pre-season in Whiff's Lodge

Many of the vegetables and herbs used in the Cabot Shores bistro are grown in our very own organic garden. Cared for by Gardener in Chief Barbara, our garden holds a spice and herb patch, tomato vines, and produces fresh greens such as lettuce and carrots in season. The garden is fully organic and ever-expanding. […]

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What are Your Tips for Being on Web TV?–WGBH/AARP?

May 11, 2011
Going A Long Way from Cape Breton

***TV Interview ***
Gonna be on TV interview with a bunch
of baby boomers on public TV WGBH, Boston.
Almost 4 years ago, Barbara and I went
to a mansion in Massachusetts and were
interviewed for a proposed TV documentary–
a kind of baby boomer retreat.
Not like the retreats and gatherings at Cabot
Shores–no kayaks present, no moose or eagles
in sight–but experts on
health, relationships, finance, sex, food…
It was fun but the pilot wasn’t syndicated, but
now it’s back and we got a call to go to Boston
to be re-interviewed!
Barbara and the other boomers were clear, photogenic
and engaging.  The host and production crew  were terrific.
Not so sure about
the experts [...]

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