Cabot Shores is the first and only 4 season wilderness resort on the Cabot Trail of Cape Breton Island

Located on the Cabot Trail, Cabot Shores was founded in 2004, when Dr. Paul and Barbara created a gathering place including a geobarn lodge and four chalets on 55 acres bordering Indian Brook, Church Pond and the Atlantic. Cabot Shores is the first and only 4 star, 4 season Wilderness Resort which is at once an adventure destination, gathering place for couples and families and groups, and a jump-off point for the Cabot Trail and other iconic spots around Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

BBC Travel with Lonely Planet Ranks Cape Breton Among 5 Best Islands

December 4, 2011
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Cape Breton heads to the top of BBC Travel’s list of the world’s best islands.
This year, it is only Santorini, Greece and Bali, Indonesia that are ahead
of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.  They highlight Cape Breton’s scenery–
the great views, the “cliff-backed beaches”, the forests– and the multi-cultural environment
of Cape Breton,  typified by local music and ceilidh.
Here you can read more about BBC Travel’s rationale.

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October News @ Cabot Shores

October 21, 2011
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Did you enjoy your stay with us? We’ve had so many wonderful guests
visit with us this past season and we’d love if everyone would share their own
Cabot Shores adventures with our future potential guests?
You can help us out by heading to or write a review today!————————————–
Want to keep on the up & up with what’s going on in Cape Breton &
at Cabot Shores? Keep an eye out for accommodation specials, events and much
more by following our Twitter account:@cabotshores——————————————–
Our Facebook Page  is another great [...]

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Beached Pilot Whale at Jersey Cove, Cape Breton

October 17, 2011
Photo by Matthew Didisheim

We got a call the other day that there was a beached whale near the causeway by the Englishtown ferry, so I grabbed my camera and drove down to see it.  An image of a giant whale washed up on shore with a mass of people  trying frantically to save it produced itself in my head, and […]

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Shambhala Lineage Festival and Retreat at Cabot Shores

October 7, 2011

Cabot Shores hosted the first Shambhala Lineage Festival.
At one point Kristine McCutcheon spoke of the influence
and the teachings of a King.
See this excerpt in this talk taking place in the Green
Chalet at Cabot Shores as part of the Shambhala meditation retreat.

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Cabot Shores Newsletter for September

September 22, 2011
Cabot Shores September Newsletter with graphics by Sara Rankin

Dr. Paul’s An Adventure a Day~Mild to Wild~
               Lobster Fishing with Charlie Boorman & Captain Mac Innis
Imagine being the star in an adventure movie.
A producer puts together the right team and the director makes it all work on the screen.
But it’s you doing the adventures–some are mild, some are wild, but as English TV adventurer, travel writer and actor Charley Boorman said to me on a lobster boat this summer at 4:40am: “get involved in the adventure.”
Russ Malkin directs Charlie and two amazing videographers (Mungo and Jessel) filming a series called Extreme Frontiers Canada for Channel 5 UK & Disney Discovery [...]

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Captain Cyril & Dr. Paul–Whales off Cape Breton Island

July 28, 2011
Captain Cyril Fraser

Captain Cyril Fraser was enjoying Plank salmon at Cabot Shores’ Bistro and his wife
Sharon, a seafood chowder, prepared by Chef Carl Nemeth…when
Dr. Paul asked  the Captain about the doings of local whales off Bay St. Lawrence
which inspired several whale watching excursions among Cabot Shores’ guests…
off Bay St. Lawrence and Cape North…
Please click the image below to start the video:

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CTV: “What’s Cooking–Toronto?” Comes to Cabot Shores

June 30, 2011
Caz of What's Cooking

“Caz” was doing the Cabot Trail with a media crew, saw the sign for the
Cabot Shores Bistro and stopped in.
They sat on the deck and lunched on seafood chowder and home made
rolls…talked of adventures,  food, hiking and Glooscap stories of the
Bird Islands, and the good fortune of getting a good cup of coffee with a homemade brownie along the Cabot Trail.

Toasting With Coffee

Wyn Ruji of LA did the camerawork and Jenni Dogett of the Redwood Group, London
Says they’ll be back…not sure if the interview will be on CTV. We’ll see…
Caz was born in Haiti, was raised in Toronto and is [...]

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