Cabot Shores is the first and only 4 season wilderness resort on the Cabot Trail of Cape Breton Island

Located on the Cabot Trail, Cabot Shores was founded in 2004, when Dr. Paul and Barbara created a gathering place including a geobarn lodge and four chalets on 55 acres bordering Indian Brook, Church Pond and the Atlantic. Cabot Shores is the first and only 4 star, 4 season Wilderness Resort which is at once an adventure destination, gathering place for couples and families and groups, and a jump-off point for the Cabot Trail and other iconic spots around Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

Vegan, Gluten & Sugar-free Chocolate Truffles


Bittersweet Chocolate Truffles – Vegan, Gluten & Sugar-free   Ingredients: 1 ½ cup Chopped dates, softened in a small bowl of 1/2c hot water (30 min) 1 cup Tahini (sesame paste) or Almond butter ¼ – ½ cup Cocoa powder (add more or less depending on how bitter you want the truffles) 1 cup Unsweetened dried shredded coconut […]

Cabot Shores Bistro Featured On HappyCow Facebook

The website  helps worldwide travelers to find healthy food and “an evironmentally
sustainable way  of living.”  Cabot Shores shares these values.    Our Bistro food–much grown in our garden and around Nova Scotia–is not only offered to our lodging and retreat guests, but to a variety of travelers touring the  Cabot Trail and having all kinds of adventures (including food adventures) around Cape Breton Island.
Check out the Photos on Facebook
Many guests have found the Cabot Shores’ Bistro by consulting the
and today we are featured on HappyCow Facebook.  See if you recognize the photo
of the Bistro in the Great Room of […]

Director of “Mysterious Ruins: Cape Breton” Reviews Cabot Shores

Peter Findlay’s Review
“Thanks, Dr. Paul. What a treat to have your gorgeous retreat as the base for our filming (of “Mysterious Ruins: Cape Breton:”).
Not only is it a spectacular setting and a home away from home, but it also allowed own team our own little headquarters and clubhouse.
If only every shoot was so much fun! (Peter Findlay: Toronto, Ontario)”
And a trailer from Mysterious Ruins” on the History Television of Canada, produced by Ellis.

“Best Vegetarian Restaurant Guide” and “Favorite Vegetarian Website” HAPPYCOW features Cabot Shores

HappyCow’s vegetarian restaurant guide is a global, searchable vegetarian dining guide and directory of natural health food stores. It also has nutrition & health tips, vegan recipes, raw food diet, travel, veganism, and vegetarianism topics, as well as a vibrant member community.
Did you know that the Cabot Shores’ Bistro is being reviewed on the Happy Cow Healthy Eating Guide? We’ve been getting some positive feedback to Barbara and  kitchen crew, as they continue to combine our home-grown garden and orchard harvests with other Cape Breton ingredients like fresh seafood.
One thumbs-up being our recent listing as one of the Top 10 […]

Bistro Feature: Chef George Smith & Wife Cora-Lee

Cabot Shores has the pleasure of introducing guest Chef George Smith to food lovers & culinary adventure seekers alike during their monthly winter and spring feasts.
Chef George Smith and wife Cora-Lee own and operate The Dancing River Sprite in Middle River, NS, where they hold “literary” dinners each month, with lively re-tellings of a chosen classic book and dishes inspired by its passages.  At these events, menus are set out for the six-course meal, but rather than describing the dishes, they provide cryptic clues about it’s ingredients. Part of the fun, then, is placing the tastes as you eat. Nearly […]

Cabot Shores’ Winter Newsletter 2014

Sally Fitzgibbons on cold water surfing





4 Seasons of Adventure

Valentine’s Weekend Getaway

March Break Madness March 9-18

Road Scholar: Cultural Adventures on CB

People’s Blue Grass | Folk Festival June 22-24

Intergenerational Adventures on Cape Breton



Click here for wonderful collection of Barbara’s Veggie & Vegan Winter Recipes served right here in our Bistro!


Dalhousie History Society
Shambhlala Lineage Retreat (Gampo Abbey)
Cabot Shores Selected for 40th Annual Bridge Retreat
Re-Treat Yourself- Young Adult Cancer Canada
Shambhala Lineage Festival at Cabot Shores
Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia


Comments from Guests

“I would travel back every season if I could. The wide variety of what Cabot Shores offers […]

Building a Wood-fired Pizza Oven

Matt, Kali and master craftsman Nico Stocklin built a wood-fired pizza oven.
It was built from fire brick and local clay, used as mortar.  After it was constructed, a chimney was
added and a metal roof to protect it from the fury of the winter weather and sea winds at Cabot Shores.
Many guests have been delighted by the process of making “personalized” toppings and tasting
the unique, smokey flavour of the wood fired pizza often.
In fact, the new name for this oven is Smokey…
The video was created by Matt Didisheim with some editing by Sara Rankin.  Please write your comments below.

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