Shambhala Lineage Festival and Retreat at Cabot Shores

Cabot Shores hosted the first Shambhala Lineage Festival.
At one point Kristine McCutcheon spoke of the influence
and the teachings of a King.
See this excerpt in this talk taking place in the Green
Chalet at Cabot Shores as part of the Shambhala meditation retreat.

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Waldorf School Adventures on Cape Breton

An 8th grade class goes all around Cape Breton, for adventures, using Cabot Shores
as a home base.
Here is a sampling with thanks to the Waldorf School of Charlotteville, Virgina, teachers and students
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Charley Boorman & Russ Malkin On Cabot Shores

“Be Adventurous” is the slogan of adventurer Charley Boorman and director Russ Malkin, in their company
Big Earth.
Dr Paul organized a lobster fishing adventure and back at Cabot Shores, they prepared and ate lobster, learned from chef
Carl about cooking plank salmon over a wood fire and generally interacted with local fisherman, artists and the Cabot Shores’
Here’s Charley and Russ speaking of Cabot Shores…
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Charlie Boorman without Ewan McGregor, arriving for Cape Breton Adventures

Charlie Boorman, with the actor and adventurer Ewan McGregor, round motorcycles around the world over 105 days.  It was a great
adventure documented in the TV series,  “Long Way Round”.   Now he and his crew are about an hour from Cabot Shores on Cape Breton.

Long Way Round with Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor

They are visiting us as part of a 16 stop series called Extreme Frontiers, Canada, a series for the UK station 5, produced by Big Earth
Productions and directed by Russ Malkin.  Here they will go on a lobster boat adventure, meet some Mi’kmaq elders, beach comb and
possibly do the […]

Lobster Fishing in Cape Breton

(Written by Dr. Paul)

Many of us enjoy a good lobster dinner, and travel to coastal spots like Cape Breton and Maine  for the authentic experience. I live on Cape Breton Island where there is an abundance of fresh lobster. First day of the season, around Mid May of last year, I asked my local distributor and neighbor, Merrill MacInnis, the difference between “Canners and Market Lobster”. His answer helped me understand the history of lobster fishing on Cape Breton Island and which lobster to order.
Merrill  has deep family roots in the lobster business, fishing for over 80 years off the […]