Morning Yoga with Barbara at Cabot Shores

Beginning the Day

At Cabot Shores, the Healing Arts are interspersed into many of the activities available to our guests. Morning Yoga is one of these.  Our experience is that when we begin our day with even a short set of contemplative movement, we are more available to the other activities we engage in throughout the day – be they outdoor or cultural adventures,or simply interacting with loved ones or new friends. Morning Yoga, offered every day before breakfast, consists of easy to learn movements designed to wake up our body and our senses. Anyone can participate in Morning Yoga. Using […]

Intro to Yoga with Amber Buchanan at Cabot Shores

Amber Buchanan will lead Yoga Workshops during the Good Health Festival at Cabot Shores, July 9th at Cabot Shores.  Interested in more details? Email: or call: 902 929 2584   Here is a short slide show capturing some of Amber’s Yoga poses.   Tweet