7 Tips on Using an InfraRed Sauna (Sunlighten)

Saunas aid in  Detoxification & Cleansing
A sauna is a small room or house with dry or wet heat.  Traditional saunas issue wet heat.  The Sunlighten Infrared Sauna is dry heat)  Its goal is to  imitate the kind of heat you get radiating from the sun.*
Wet or dry sauna,  the heat increases your body  temperature and allows you to sweat out toxins through your skin.  The heat of  saunas help to cleanse us.
Traditional wet  saunas allow your  sweat content level of toxins to be about 3% while infrared saunas allow for  up to 20% of your sweat to be toxins.  […]

Healing Artist in Residency

Cabot Shores is pleased to be pioneering the first established Healing Artist in Residency program of its kind.   A natural place for all to relax and rejuvenate, this  program allows healing artists  to offer personalized services to our guests.
Each day, our Healing Artist will make a morning offering to guests.  This is usually an experiential activity geared toward reconnecting your body, mind and spirit.  Healing Artists in Residency also offer their specialty services for your to enjoy throughout their stay.  Additionally, many times weekend intensive programs are held for guests to delve more deeply into your “wellness”  experiences, combined with […]

Wellness Retreats

Spend an hour, a day, or longer reconnecting with your one true self.  A Wellness Retreat experience at Cabot Shores is guaranteed to renew your spirit and leave you feeling blissfully calm and centered. What is a Wellness Retreat?  The answer is surprisingly simple.  A Wellness Retreat can be whatever you choose it to be […]

About Gate of Life Healing Arts & Barbara (“B”)Weinberg

Have you ever been on holiday, very much wanting a break from the busy-ness of your life and found yourself unable to unwind?
Gate of Life Healing Arts at Cabot Shores may provide the initial spark and further support you to do just that.  Not only that, the healing arts modalities offered at Cabot Shores may inspire you to continue some type of practice once you return home to the demands of daily life.
Keeping things simple and direct is our guiding principle.

Qi Gong is a form of gentle exercise that aids in the movement of human life energy, also called […]

Painting Workshop with Gillian McCulloch

“Lobster and Flowers Still-life Painting “ When: May 21-23, 2010 Where:  At Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort at Indian Who:  Open to begin & intermediate level painters (only 10 accepted) What’s the Experience? Painting and connecting with other Artists Renewal in a stunning natural setting Fun & creative adventure What You’ll Get Enjoy time for  painting […]

Wild Women Writers’ Wilderness Retreat

PSSST…ARE YOU A WILD WOMAN? DO YOU LIKE TO WRITE? “Creativity is Humanity’s Best Quality!” ~CAW Hey wild chicks everywhere: So we wacky, wild women are gearing up for festivities for the Wacky, Wild and Wonderful Women’s Retreat (May 23-25, 2008) at Cabot Shores. This first retreat will be an open chance for all who […]