Cape Breton Lobster, Lobster, Lobster

July 20, 2010
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Many of us enjoy a good lobster dinner and go to Maine and Nova Scotia for the authentic experience. Here at Cabot Shores, we get our lobsters from Merrill MacInnis. For more on lobster and lobster fishing, click to see our video on Lobster Fishing Off Cape Breton Island
We asked Merrill: What’s the difference between “Canners” and “Market Lobster?” His answer can help us understand the history of lobster fishing on Cape Breton Island, in addition to, which lobster to order.
The MacInnis family has been fishing lobster for over 80 years off the eastern (Atlantic coast) of Cape Breton, [...]

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About Gate of Life Healing Arts & Barbara (“B”)Weinberg

July 10, 2010
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Have you ever been on holiday, very much wanting a break from the busy-ness of your life and found yourself unable to unwind?
Gate of Life Healing Arts at Cabot Shores may provide the initial spark and further support you to do just that.  Not only that, the healing arts modalities offered at Cabot Shores may inspire you to continue some type of practice once you return home to the demands of daily life.
Keeping things simple and direct is our guiding principle.

Qi Gong is a form of gentle exercise that aids in the movement of human life energy, also called [...]

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Pet Friendly Accommodations

July 5, 2010

Is Your Dog Part of the Family?
Would it just be easier to bring your pet along?

Cosmo Welcomes Your Pet

Cosmo here,  official guide and greeter at Cabot Shores.  I welcome you and your companions, as long as they’re friendly (and don’t take my food!)
Call toll free 866 929 2584, say “pet friendly Cosmo and your pet stays free  (instead of $15-$25 a night).
We’ve got many special places a pet can stay at Cabot Shores, with our own separate entrances:
Bunk With Your Dog Whiff’s Lodge:

Room 5 has separate entrance outside and entrance to room from hallway
Room 6a has separate entrance outside and entrance [...]

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Hiking Cape Breton Island

June 10, 2010
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A film crew visited to explore, hike and document the area on Kelly’s mountain.  Took a helicopter over St. Ann’s Bay
and you see what they saw from the air, investigating whether the Chinese settled before the Europeans here.
Original settlers are really the Mi’kmaq, here over 10,000 years, as hikers and hunters and fishers.
You can see the site of Glooscap Cave, and Indian Brook leading to the Highlands and French River Wilderness
and past there to the Cape Breton Highland Park.
Great hikes start at Cabot Shores–along the beach and  up along to Indian Brook Falls.
Enjoy nearby hikes, including:  Indian Brook Falls, Red [...]

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The Cape Breton Yurt is in Season at Cabot Shores for 2012

February 16, 2010
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Become A Yurt Lover
What’s a Yurt?
The Yurt or Ger is a kind of Mongolian-styled structure, comparable to a First Nations Tipi.  Used by nomadic peoples, it was originally made of felt and furs.  Now, after being westernized by folks from Oregon and British Columbia, it is transformed to be:

Complete with windows looking out on the lake, Atlantic Ocean & Bird Islands
16.5 feet in diameter
Equipped with a skylight
An interior that has beds and conveniences (minus electricity and plumbing, but you’re near the Lodge)

You can get to the Yurt either by foot or by car, across the bridge from the lodge or [...]

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