Celebrate Thanksgiving with us on October 12th, 2014

Around the Thanksgiving Holiday, the obvious question always comes up: What are we actually thankful for ? I find that contemplating what I’m thankful, or grateful,  for, not just around this holiday, but regularly, is quite an enriching activity.  Sort of a process of learning to see the glass of life as being half full […]

Sydney’s Margie MacVicar Quoted in CBC News on Breast Cancer Retreat

Margie MacVicar is a grandmother, retired entrepreneur, and member of the Cape Breastoners, a group of Breast Cancer Survivors, and a hero of ours…
It is not just her ability to adapt and survive, it is her spirit of adventure and of generosity.
You see, we set about organizing a Breast Cancer Retreat with Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia, a group based in Halifax and admirably serving all of Nova Scotia, with yearly retreats on mainland Nova Scotia.
The idea of the Cape Breton Retreat was and is to involve Cape Breton breast cancer survivors in a retreat that didn’t require them to […]

Road Scholar: Culture & Outdoor Adventure on Cape Breton Island

A group of Road Scholars gathered for a series of June of Adventures
at Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.  This was
followed by an Intergenerational Program in July.  In September and October, two
more sessions will be at Cabot Shores.
For the June retreat, the Road Scholars  hiked to waterfalls and along the Atlantic; had guided experiences
in native Mi’kmaq and Gaelic culture; heard and made live music; ate
local lobster and wood-fired pizza; did Qi Gong and laughing yoga, and learned about the
local wildlife, both from land and on a trip to the Bird Islands, led by
experienced local guides and […]

Road Scholar- Cultural Adventures in Cape Breton DAILY SCHEDULE

Specifically, this program includes:
•6 nights of accommodations •17 meals: 6 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 6 dinners •9 Expert-led lectures •7 Field trips •1 Excursions •12 Hands-on experiences •1 Performances

Day One: Friday, June 15 – Arrival at Cabot Shores and Welcome Activities
Arrive To: Registration and Welcome at Cabot Shores followed by a guided exploration of the Wilderness Resort
Dinner: Dinner at Cabot Shores Bistro
Evening: Welcome Ceremony, Introductions and Orientation in Great Room of Lodge

Day Two: Saturday, June 16 – Exploring the Indian Brook Wilderness
Breakfast: Group breakfast in Great Room of Whiff’s Lodge.
Morning: After breakfast Hike & explore the Indian Brook Wilderness Trail. See […]

Road Scholar: Inter-generational Adventures on Cape Breton DAILY SCHEDULE!

Day One: Saturday, July 07 – Welcome to Cabot Shores
Afternoon: Arrival at Cabot Shores after 3pm Afternoon Tea with Oat Cakes followed by introduction to the grounds of Cabot Shores
Dinner: Dinner at Cabot Shores Lodge
Evening: Welcome Ceremony, Introductions and Orientation in Great Room of Lodge

Day Two: Sunday, July 08 – Exploring the Indian Brook Wilderness

Breakfast: Start the day with an Optional Qi Gong, mindfulness meditation or Nature Walk followed by Breakfast in Cabot Shores lodge.
Morning: Hike & explore the Indian Brook Wilderness Trail See old moose hunting camps; cross creeks leading to three waterfalls. Follow paths of eagles up from […]

First Ever “Retreat Yourself” In Nova Scotia–at Cabot Shores

Young Adult Cancer of Canada (YACC) was founded 17 years ago in Newfoundland.  Its members are 18-35 year old survivors of cancer.
and their first “Retreat Yourself will be held at Cabot Shores.
The mission of YACC is:
“to  build a community of young adults diagnosed with cancer that provides information, support, skills and opportunity”
One of the ways YACC builds community is through retreat.  This year, there’s “Retreat Yourself” West in British Columbia
and “Retreat Yourself” East  in the Maritimes, at Cabot Shores on Cape Breton.
We are pleased to be chosen as their location and will be doing our best to help them to […]