March Break Unplugged – Tax Free Package!

Enjoy an iPod-iPad-tablet-NintendoDS-free week where your kids will want to get up early to go outside to play. For just a few days, don’t bother with constant updates to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, or whatever the social media du jour. Don’t worry, it’ll all be there when you get back home. (Psst… if you […]

Winter Hiking and Snow Shoeing from Cabot Shores

Every Saturday during the winter, there is a guided hike around the St. Ann’s Bay hills off the Cabot Trail. This snowshoe hike took us high with views of St. Ann’s Bay and onto the north-side Indian Brook Falls Trail, pretty much opposite Cabot Shores and just off the Cabot Trail. Here we are at […]

Happy Holidays from Your Friends at Cabot Shores

Hi   Friend, Happy Holidays to You and Yours… We hope you are spending some good times with friends, family and those you hold dear!       Merry XMAS and Happy New Year…. Love from,                       Ruby, Barbara,  Louis & Dr. Paul                         And  Cosmo […]

Winter comes early this year

I’m eating my words (and kale) these days- after telling everyone who wants to know what Cape Breton winters are like, “oh, the real snow doesn’t come until the 2nd or 3rd week in January….we pick greens from the garden at Christmastime” – and everyone is impressed.  Not so this time. I just harvested the […]

Champion Australian Surfer, Cold Water and Cabot Shores

Competitive surfing is not for the faint of heart. Cold-water surfing?… now that takes a special kind of courage. The kind that drives champion surfer, Sally Fitzgibbons, who visited Nova Scotia to test herself against the frigid water of the North Atlantic. We had the pleasure to host Sally, her Dad, and her documentary film […]

7th Annual New Year’s Levee is coming to Cabot Shores

  Above you see Helen Thompson with a new friend at last year’s New Year’s Levee.  Helen was a wonderful, spirited member of the Indian Brook community and at 99, had  a rare sense of elogance in her bearing, quiet energy, and warmth.  And she was always up for the levee or  a concert.  She […]

Cedar Yurt & Cedar Soaking Tub at Cabot Shores

Imagine the fragrance of fresh cedar as you wake when the sun rises and as you relax in the evening in the graceful circle of a Japanese cedar Ofuro Soaking Tub. Many guests don’t think of the aroma when choosing a place to stay, but it’s a pleasant surprise that delights all our guests. Our […]