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See through pictures and videos special off the beaten spots along the Cabot Trail. And hear stories from guides like Dr, Paul, “B”, Cosmo and John Henry…And guests and guides from the world over…

Eg. first Post: Cape Breton Featured on ABC News, Good Morning, America

(Will Fame Spoil Cape Breton Island?)

Not likely, but 7 million eyeballs just saw Cape Breton featured on Good Morning, America, according to Angelo Spinazzola of sea-kayaking. Let us know what you think.

Will fame spoil Cape Breton? Check out the video and let us know what you think….read more & go to Cape Breton Featured on ABC

7th Annual New Year’s Levee is coming to Cabot Shores

December 11, 2013
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  Above you see Helen Thompson with a new friend at last year’s New Year’s Levee.  Helen was a wonderful, spirited member of the Indian Brook community and at 99, had  a rare sense of elogance in her bearing, quiet energy, and warmth.  And she was always up for the levee or  a concert.  She […]

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Cedar Yurt & Cedar Soaking Tub at Cabot Shores

October 16, 2013
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Imagine the fragrance of fresh cedar as you wake when the sun rises and as you relax in the evening in the graceful circle of a Japanese cedar Ofuro Soaking Tub. Many guests don’t think of the aroma when choosing a place to stay, but it’s a pleasant surprise that delights all our guests. Our […]

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Join Us for a Guided Hike & BBQ at Cabot Shores During Celtic Colours

October 3, 2013
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On October 19th, The Good Health Festival Society (which raises money for Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia) is hosting a
community event during the Celtic Colours International Music Festival all over Cape Breton.
Starting at 11am, at Cabot Shores, there will be local, guided hike along the Red Island Trail, followed by a cookout at Cabot
Shores Wilderness Resort, along the Cabot Trail.
Beginning hikers to intermediate can do this walk along the Barrachois River to the Red Island Beach and back along
a loop to MacDonald’s Pond.

Red Island  Beach  is on St. Ann’s Bay with a good view of Kelly’s Mountain  and the Bird [...]

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Cabot Trail Named One of “World’s 10 Most Beautiful Highways” by

September 7, 2013
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Cape Breton’s Cabot Trail has a history of high ratings from magazines and other media.
National Geographic, Conde Nast, Travel and Leisure, and the Readers’ Digest all have
written about the beauty of Cape Breton Island, especially the Cabot Trail.
Now has named the Cabot Trail one of the “world’s top 10 highways”.
The article in goes on to say:  “the Cabot Trail brings travellers through lush
green forests that in the fall transform into a breathtaking sea of reds, oranges and yellows
as the leaves change colors.  Along the route, drivers will come across an abundance of restaurants,
museums, galeries as well as hiking [...]

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Right Whales Sighted Off Bay Saint Lawrence, Cape Breton

September 7, 2013

“Been fishing over 30 years and this is the first Right Whale I”ve seen,” said Captain Cyril Fraser
of Oshan Whale Watch,  which is based in the village of  Bay St. Lawrence, Cape Breton.  A fifth generation fisherman, Cyril mostly sees Pilot and Minke whales and dolphins.
“The Right Whales are around 50 tons, compared to the Minkes and Pilots   which are more like 5 tons.”
One of our guests from Ontario, Tullio d’Angelo, provided us with a the snapshot  of the Right Whale taken off while with Captain Cyril.

             Photo by Tullio d’Angelo

According to wikipedia, the Right whales making [...]

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Cabot Shores Bistro Featured On HappyCow Facebook

September 4, 2013
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The website  helps worldwide travelers to find healthy food and “an evironmentally
sustainable way  of living.”  Cabot Shores shares these values.    Our Bistro food–much grown in our garden and around Nova Scotia–is not only offered to our lodging and retreat guests, but to a variety of travelers touring the  Cabot Trail and having all kinds of adventures (including food adventures) around Cape Breton Island.
Check out the Photos on Facebook
Many guests have found the Cabot Shores’ Bistro by consulting the
and today we are featured on HappyCow Facebook.  See if you recognize the photo
of the Bistro in the Great Room of [...]

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Adventures (French)

August 23, 2013

Aventures à pied
Chutes d’eau, grottes et lacs dissimulés… La randonnée est toujours une aventure à Cabot Shores. Chaque niveau de difficulté proposé vous offre une expérience différente, depuis les chutes d’eau (et nous avons nos préférences) jusqu’au sommet de la montagne Spinnakin. Vous recherchez les défis ? Glosscap Cave, aussi connu sous le nom de Fairy Hole – le Fantastique Fossé, a été créé juste pour vous. Soyez pour cela préparés à l’ascension d’un véritable mur de roches ou pour une plongée audacieuse dans l’océan…
Aventures nautiques
Si vous avez fait tout ce chemin vers l’est pour venir tremper vos pieds dans [...]

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